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Energy sector may face impending talent emergency

February 12, 2019 / Riia O'Donnell

Nearly half of oil and gas professionals said they're concerned about an impending talent emergency according to Airswift's Global Energy Talent Index. Almost as many, 40%, said they believe the industry is already in the grips of a talent crisis; another 28% said it will become a reality within the next five years. Pay in the field, however, is up. Forty-one percent of non-hiring professionals reported an increase in pay over the past 12 months, the report said, and most anticipate additional raises in 2019. According to Airswift, oil and gas industry businesses must continue to evolve its approach to recruiting, and part of the answer may lie in renewable energy; renewables remains the biggest source of competition for talent, according to the report, with 42% of those open to switching sectors attracted to the industry​. Having cut apprenticeships and training during the downturn, the sector is now playing catch-up, Janette Marx, Airswift CEO said in a statement. &...