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Entry-level job postings down 68% from last year, Glassdoor says

June 25, 2020 / Sheryl Estrada

High unemployment has recent college graduates applying to tech positions that require experience, a Glassdoor Economic Research study released June 22 revealed. As of May, the number of available positions with "entry level" or "new grad" in the job title had decreased 68% from last year, Glassdoor said. "But new grads are still aspiring to work in tech," the company said in a statement. They applied most frequently for software engineering roles, which have a median annual base salary of $94,000. Amazon and Microsoft received the most applications. Many are seeking work in New York City, which accounted for 15% of all new grad applications, followed by Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, due to the pandemic, many of the jobs in these cities may begin remotely, according to Glassdoor.