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Google’s Small-Business ATS Gets AI Upgrades

July 02, 2018 / Roy Maurer

Google announced that users of Hire its applicant tracking system (ATS) built for small and midsize employers using Google's suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration apps will be able to work faster with the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The system has incorporated AI to reduce repetitive, time-consuming tasks that eat up a recruiter's workday and to free up time to connect with prospects and candidates, said Berit Hoffmann, senior product manager for Google Hire. Google Hire, launched in 2017, integrated ATS functions with Google's G Suite, its alternative to Microsoft Office Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Hangouts. According to Google, recruiters using Hire report spending less time switching between these apps, reducing the amount of time spent reading resumes and arranging interviews by 84 percent. Hire's launch was followed in March by another time-saving feature that allows recruiters to easily identify and re-engage past can...