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Hiring managers: Skilled workers have control of Silicon Valley's job market

February 06, 2019 / Valerie Bolden-Barrett

The next quarter may prove a fruitful season for Silicon Valley's skilled workers, according to the latest survey from the West Valley Staffing Group (WVSG). Among the 800 hiring managers polled, more than 95% expect their companies either to grow or hold steady in the coming months. Charlie Allport, WVSG's executive VP, said these predictions come as good news for job seekers. "When companies are in growth mode, they usually need more employees in order to realize that growth. This means a 'buyers' market' for candidates, who know they can be choosy about their next move," Allport said. "In fact, there is a steady uptick in the number of employees who are leaving their current roles for better opportunities." He added that companies will need to accelerate their recruiting efforts to attract the talent needed to fulfill their business goals.