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How hiring managers can keep social media screenings sensible

July 11, 2018 / Kathryn Moody

Social media screening is increasingly a part of the recruitment process, but employers must be careful not to allow hiring managers to do such screenings without proper guidance or a framework, Eric B. Meyer, partner at FisherBroyles LLP and author of The Employer Handbook blog, said during a session at EEOC's EXCEL Training Conference. Meyer provided a few guidelines for hiring managers. A screener of social media content should not be the same person making the final decision, he said, and they should stick to a clear list of red flags to look out for, such as hateful speech. Generally, he suggested screening once candidates reach the final stages to ease the work. "Freedom of speech doesn't guarantee you a job," Meyer reminded the audience. But managers should do their due diligence so they don't opt away from an applicant for other factors, including protected classes such as race or religion. Cases in which employees are fired for social media use have attra...