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HR and finance align on cost reduction, but not partnership

May 28, 2019 / Valerie Bolden-Barrett

HR and finance don't align on how they view their partnership, according to a workforce survey of more than 400 HR and finance leaders conducted by OrgVue. The workforce analytics and modeling company found that almost half of HR leaders believe allying with finance is productive, but only 25% of finance professionals felt the same way. According to the report, less than a third of HR and finance departments share processes and reporting systems. In other results, OrgVue found reducing costs is the biggest challenge for 64% U.S. employers. About half of those polled said they aren't sure whether their best talent is performing the critical work. The report also uncovered that slightly more than half of U.S. companies work on diversity reporting and only 27% work on gender-based pay gap reporting.