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HR involved in less than half of AI introductions

June 06, 2019 / Maggie Baska

The notion that technology is transforming the tasks that constitute ‘work’ is now widely accepted. But every so often we get a glimpse of how fast things are moving.  When an Ocado distribution center in Hampshire was ravaged by fire in February, the real headlines were made by the revelation that hardly any of its distribution was performed by humans. In May, scientists unveiled a new robot fruit and vegetable picker that will go into production next year and will soon, it is claimed, be able to work up to 70 per cent faster than a human, and never need a break. A recent report from the CIPD and PA Consulting – People and Machines: From Hype to Reality – lifts the lid on how such widespread AI and automation has been enabled, and what happens next. And while it says the process will have a broadly positive impact on the quality of jobs, HR is not sufficiently involved in the decision-making process around its implementation in business.  The CIPD fou...