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IBM: Millions of workers need training, but less than half of employers have resources to do so

September 10, 2019 / Valerie Bolden-Barrett

Some 120 million workers worldwide may need retraining or reskilling in the next few years, but only 41% of 5,670 global executives in a new poll said they have the people and resources needed to carry out this development strategy and their other business initiatives, according to a new IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are driving the skills development need, said IBV. The IBV study, "The Enterprise Guide to Closing the Skills Gap," offers steps organizations can take to close the skills gap and attract talent, including reskilling the workforce through development strategies that are personalized, based on multiple modules and built on data. The report also recommended that employers use analytics and AI to identify what skills are available in all areas of an organization and openly share the information with workers to create a culture of ongoing learning.