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IPsoft Introduces the World’s First Marketplace for Digital Employees™: DigitalWorkforce.ai

February 12, 2020 / SAM HEGGIE-COLLINS

IPsoft, the largest independent leader in enterprise AI, today announced the launch of the first marketplace for Digital Employees that can collaborate with human colleagues and catalyze the creation of the hybrid workplace for businesses. The first-of-its-kind hybrid workforce platform will enable businesses to cloud source AI-powered digital workers that come with decades of enterprise experience for specific roles, skills and industries, and with advanced cognitive, self-learning and conversational capabilities. The first available job role is IT Service Desk Engineer. Through the marketplace, DigitalWorkforce.ai, an enterprise can onboard Digital Employees pre-trained as IT Service Desk Engineers who can handle a wide range of support issues both independently and in collaboration with human co-workers, delivering rapid deployment and immediate business value. The IT Service Desk Engineer supports users by resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, setting up Single Sign-On and sever...