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New year brings new training requirements for California employers

January 07, 2020 / Ryan Golden

Jan. 1 marked an important date for two California laws affecting employment training in the state. The first, SB-1343, required California employers employing five or more employees, including temporary or seasonal employees, to provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training to all employees in supervisory roles by Jan. 1. The law also required applicable employers to provide at least one hour of said training to employees in nonsupervisory roles by the same date. Employers will then be required to conduct both sets of training every two years thereafter. The second, SB-970, requires employers operating a motel or hotel in the state to provide at least 20 minutes of human trafficking awareness training and education to each employee who is likely to interact or come into contact with victims of trafficking beginning Jan. 1. The training may be delivered via classroom or "other effective training" methods.