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Nonprofit startups partners with Amazon to boost & upskill workers for tech jobs

June 29, 2020 / Sheryl Estrada

Hourly associates at Amazon fulfillment centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Baltimore areas who do not have college degrees are now eligible to receive training for IT careers. Merit America, a nonprofit that helps workers develop desirable skills leading to highly sought-after technology jobs, announced a partnership with Amazon's Career Choice initiative June 23. The training can not only "close critical near-term skill gaps, but also create opportunities for their employees in the long term," Rebecca Taber, founder and co-CEO of Merit America, said in a statement. The program is designed to overcome barriers often faced by middle-skill workers, according to the organization. Through job-focused online learning, career coaching and mentorship, participants will be trained for in-demand, competitive wage tech positions in areas including IT support and Java programming. Merit America works with employers to create pathways to upwardly mobile careers for Americ...