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Organisations with supportive approach most likely to attract talent

November 21, 2018 / Sara Bean

Employers must raise their offering to meet the demands of millennials, as they reach a pivotal time in their careers and demand their employers stand for a purpose. This is according to the 2018 Organisational Wellbeing & Talent Insights Report from Gallagher which finds that to have any impact with this audience, organisations must demonstrate a strong employer value proposition. This is essentially, ‘how you want to be seen’; a set of values lived by workers, driven from the top down. The best organisations match these goals by becoming ‘destination employers’ that are able to win over talent with a more supportive approach. These employers promise and deliver on commitments such as work-life balance and career opportunities, offering their people a chance to grow. The 2018 Organisational Wellbeing & Talent Insights Report offers insights from 12 of Gallagher’s thought leaders, on methods to strengthen workplace wellbeing, across physical and em...