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Organizational culture should promote a 'learn-it-all' message, Microsoft exec says

January 31, 2019 / Morgan Fecto

Speaking on a Robert Half webinar panel last Tuesday, Jan. 29, Microsoft's Head of Global Talent Acquisition Chuck Edward advised HR professionals to approach organizational culture as a storytelling opportunity — one that illuminates the meaning behind their organizations' work and shows new hires the greater purpose for them within that architecture. "Will they have an impact? Will they have purpose? Will they have scale to their work? Will they have meaning?" Edward asked. "To candidates with multiple offers to consider, it can be a differentiator." One way to accomplish this, according to Edward, is to embrace a "learn-it-all" attitude that places change, growth and new knowledge at the center of company culture. "We used to pair up with PR to promote a crisp, know-it-all type of culture message," he explained. "Now it comes down to, how do you share a work in progress?" Panel speakers also said that embracin...