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People Management Platform Hibob Partners With Slack Partner to Improve Employee Experience and the Flow of Work

May 03, 2019 / Mayuri Chaudhary

Hibob, the transformative HR tech platform that helps high-growth companies to grow their employees and develop their culture, is now offering a full integration with Slack to revolutionize workplace experiences for the flow of work. Hibob’s platform bob gives team leaders the tools they need to better manage their employees and folds HR functions into workers’ everyday projects and communications for a better, more intuitive experience. With Millennial and Gen Z employees as their target audiences, Hibob and Slack have a shared focus on creating technologies that fit the new world of work. This integration not only increases productivity and fosters collaboration across team members – whether they are from different office locations, teams or generations – but it also feeds into Josh Bersin’s larger flow of work concept, where HR is seen as “a work-related improvement, not a work interruption.” By bringing everything together in one place, ran...