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Personalized comms need to be the norm in recruiting and employee experience

November 20, 2018 / Sara Bean

We’ve been banging this drum for a few years now and most companies still aren’t there yet, but let me frame this up for you with an example or two! you’re probably comfortable with from your day-to-day life. You’re watching Netflix. Because you finished a season of Ozark, for example, the algorithm that underpins Netflix gives you options based off that show. You seemed to like Ozark because you tore through it, so the algorithm (hopefully) rightfully assumes you’d like similar shows, because other users have. Now the content is personalized for you. A lot of people like Netflix. Admittedly their stock is being sold off right now, yes, but it’s got 140M user base and makes about $12B in revenue off of that. It’s a successful company and the root of much that it does is personalization. Now think of Amazon. You buy dog food, a book, or a toy for your kid. What does Amazon do? It shows you what else you might want to buy with that item. It gives...