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Queen Elizabeth seeks social-media manager at Rs 26.6 lakh salary

May 21, 2019 / HRK News

A lucrative position is waiting for individuals who have experience in managing social media accounts for businesses and individuals. A vacancy for a digital communications officer has been posted by the British Royal Communications team for none other than Queen Elizabeth II. According to the job posting, the social-media manager working for the royal household will have to find new ways to maintain the Queen’s presence in the public eye and on the world stage. The job will be based in Buckingham Palace and will pay a salary of €30,000, which is equivalent to approximately Rs 26.5 Lakh. As the Queen’s social-media manager and an employee of the Royal Family, the posts and articles shared by the selected person will naturally receive high visibility, with millions of people across the globe viewing them, forwarding them and sharing them, which itself will be the biggest perk.