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Rail workers unite to support Rail R U OK?Day

April 12, 2019 / Human Resources Director

Trusting your gut instinct and starting a genuine conversation with a workmate who doesn’t seem themselves can be life-changing, according to Katherine Newton, R U OK? CEO. Newton’s comments come as rail employees across Australia and New Zealand have spent Thursday 11, April championing a stronger and more supportive industry by asking, “Are you OK?”. The idea of Rail R U OK?Day is to inspire rail employees to look out for one another during life's ups and downs by asking "Are you OK?" and really listening to the answer. Since the annual event began in 2015 the numbers participating have grown from around 6,500 to well over 50,000 this year. “With participation in Rail R U OK? Day having grown by almost 700% since the inaugural event in 2015, rail employees from across Australia and New Zealand are transforming their workplaces into strong and resilient environments every day of the year,” said Newton.