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Recruiters must embrace modernization to stay competitive

February 06, 2019 / Valerie Bolden-Barrett

Digital transformation is vital for companies to remain competitive, according to 84% of global recruiting firms in a new study by Bullhorn, a cloud computing company. Artificial intelligence was cited as the form of digitization that 55% of the 2,185 recruitment professionals in the 2019 Global Recruitment Insights and Data research said will positively impact customer and candidate engagement. Although respondents saw digital transformation as an advantage, they also saw it as a challenge, with nearly half saying that making the transformation was their top operational hurdle, with cost coming in second and competition from gig platforms third. The study made a distinction between respondents' challenges and priorities for 2019. The top challenges cited were skills shortages and limited talent pools (73%), followed by rising wage increases due to an employee-driven market and the economy (38%) and higher turnover rates caused by low unemployment (27%). Respondents' ...