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Salesforce may be preparing an Alexa-esque AI assistant for the workplace

November 21, 2019 / Mike Moore

Salesforce is hoping to make AI an indispensable part of every business with a range of smart tools and platforms. At its Dreamforce 2019 event in San Francisco this week, the software giant unveiled a host of enterprise-focused services and tools it hopes will spur on AI adoption in companies of all sizes. Salesforce also unveiled its own-brand smart speaker (pictured above) modelled on its Einstein AI mascot, although whether it will go on general sale is still unclear. This growth in business-focused AI is set to be powered by a major expansion to Einstein Voice Assistant, which allows Salesforce users to communicate directly to the platform and get answers instantly. Einstein Voice Assistant is now able to be tailored to any particular industry, allowing for custom-built skills that can cover tasks from checking order history to sentiment tracking.