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Should L&D be a brand element

January 22, 2019 / Riia O'Donnell

Today's job seekers and employees are consumers, as interested in what employers can offer them as they are in what they can offer employers. So it may be wise to consider the role that L&D plays in employer branding. In other words, can employers leverage learning to boost their brand? With the majority of millennials believing it's management's responsibility to offer development opportunities, this demographic is looking for employers that will invest in their future. But they're not alone; training is a top priority for all workers, particularly those who will need to upskill in light of digital disruption. In fact, a majority of workers say they would quit a job if it didn't offer some form of training. With today's emphasis on learning, and the resultant investment employers are making, learning may have the potential to be a brand element that can attract and retain talent.