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The new normal of flexible work transforming workplaces

May 22, 2019 / Marie Hillen

Digital innovations, and in particular, cloud computing is enabling increasing numbers of employees to work remotely and flexibly. This means the central company workspace is rapidly becoming an administrative hub, rather than a traditional central focus where everyone gathers during set hours. This is according to Condeco’s new research paper, The Modern Workplace 2019: People, places & technology (registration) which claims that 41 per cent of employers already offer remote working, while 60 per cent now allow employees to set their own flexible hours. However, the research amongst 750 global corporate leaders found that while recognising digital transformation as crucial to their future success, 60 per cent of those who participated express concern over the speed with which new technologies are reshaping their businesses. Respondents overall say the biggest challenges facing their organisations in the next 12 months are digital transformation (37 per cent) and the adoption...