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The solution to a high quit rate is right under your nose

October 08, 2018 / Pamela DeLoatch

Let’s face it: It’s an employee market. The low unemployment rate may be good for the economy, but it presents a challenge for employers that need to fill positions. That means the war for talent in full force, with employers using every tool they have to attract applicants. What's more, employees know that their best shot a promotion or raise is with another company. Workers, understandably, are increasingly taking employers up on these offers; the quit rate rose to 2.4% in May a 16-year high. So what's an employer to do? The solution, experts say, is some preventative maintenance. While quit rates are high across the board, they're painfully high in competitive industries like big data and artificial intelligence, Brian Kropp, Gartner group vice president, HR practice, told HR Dive. The demand is just too strong, he said. "Companies are competing and the opportunities [employees] are receiving from other organizations are too great.