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Uber, Lyft back ballot initiative to abate California's gig worker 'ABC test'

October 31, 2019 / Ryan Golden

Gig economy companies including Lyft, Uber, DoorDash and Instacart are supporting a new California ballot initiative that would allow certain workers on the companies' apps to continue operating as independent contractors, according to a statement released Tuesday by the Coalition of Rideshare & Delivery Drivers. If passed, the ballot initiative would classify "app-based drivers" as independent contractors as long as the platform on which they perform work does not prescribe the hours drivers must log onto the platform, nor restrict them in other ways outlined by the proposal. It would also establish a "net earnings floor" for drivers that would be set at 120% of the state or local minimum wage, whichever is higher, along with 30 cents of gas mileage compensation per each mile the driver spends "engaged" (e.g., miles driven during the process of accepting, picking up and dropping off a customer). Platforms would also be required to pay drivers a qu...