Webinar: OnBase Solutions for HR - 5.28.15

MTS Software Solutions Inc

View the recording of a webinar hosted by MTS Software Solutions to review and demonstrate how technology from OnBase by Hyland enables organizations to effectively manage the entire employee life-cycle - streamlining HR processes, improving compliance and providing a better level of service to candidates and employees.
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Watch as Cherry Street Mission Ministries highlights some of the excellent attributes of our HR Solutions Department at The Employers' Association!


Multi-State Tax Issues for Payroll Compliance 2019


There are significant compliance issues for employers when employees cross state lines in the course of employment. Frequently, multi-state taxation rules issues arise when the employer has business locations in more than one state. However, issues also arise when individual employees perform services in more than one state, live in one state and work in another, move from one state to another, or telecommute across state lines. Join this webinar with expert speaker Patrick Haggerty, where he will give a better understanding of the payroll tax and compliance implications of conducting business within a state, and multi-state employment issues that arise when the employer has business locations in more than one state.
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Impact of NLRA on Nonunion Employers


Employees have the right under the National Labor Relations Act to form together for their mutual aid and protection and to engage in concerted activity to better their working conditions or protest those conditions. Although these actions usually occur in a union setting, nonunion employees also enjoy these protections and rights. Additionally, although nonunion employers are not bound to or confined by a collective bargaining agreement, the implementation of certain employer policies may unintentionally (or otherwise) impact adversely upon the exercise of these federally protected rights. This topic will educate nonunion employers as to their obligations to their employees, what they can and cannot prohibit, how to be aware of when union organizers are making an effort to bring a union in and how to deal with that contingency.
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The Candidate Experience: 6 Elements to Win Top Talent


Candidates are looking for more transparency, meaningful experiences, greater communication, deeper company education, and a more substantial sense of belonging in their workplace. Recruiting teams need to show – not tell – candidates about their employment experience through hiring that is informative, fair, and effective in identifying fit for everyone involved. TA teams need the tools and insights to keep up. To survive the “new normal,” organizations must engage best-fit candidates and hire the right people, faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.
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Managing mental health in the workplace


It is important to have the strategies, tools and initiatives in place to promote good mental wellbeing at work. Embedding these within your organisation will set you apart as an employer of choice and prevent expensive legal claims. In XpertHR’s 60-minute webinar at 11am BST on Wednesday 11 July, Dr Barbara Mariposa, a medical doctor with a background in psychiatry and public health, will share her knowledge and experience of how you can prevent mental health problems developing in the workplace.
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