Businessolver Announces Latest Product Innovation through Technology Advancements Designed to Maximize Employee Engagement

Businessolver | August 06, 2021

Businessolver, a leader in SaaS-based benefits technology and services, today announced the latest enhancements and additions to its product suite, specifically designed to meet the unique human resource challenges brought forward by the dramatic shifts in the workforce over the past year including return to work challenges, monumental shifts in digital demand, and greater efficiency needs in HR/benefits administration for employers.

"Our latest product additions reflect the spirit of innovation that runs through all that we do, as well as strengthen the end-to-end benefits support we provide our clients as they work hard to drive results for their organizations under the unprecedented pressure created by the pandemic combined with a shift in digital demands from the upcoming majority workforce," said Rae Shanahan, Businessolver's Chief Strategy Officer. "These enhancements, which were rolled out throughout the first six months of 2021, address current human resource needs around return-to-work strategy for hybrid workforces and offer reinforced employee engagement tools to help employees better choose and use their benefits—no matter their work location."

Vaccine Tracker adds greater transparency and peace of mind to return-to-work planning
As employers consider return-to-work policies amid the COVID-19 recovery, tracking individual employees' vaccination status is an important piece of strategic planning. Businessolver's Vaccine Tracker offers its clients a seamless and secure way to do that, by allowing them to track vaccine status in the same place as employees' eligibility data, creating a convenient location to manage this important information. Through the deep communication framework embedded in Benefitsolver®, Businessolver clients can also help communicate to members the importance of updating their vaccine status and provide digital automated reminders through mobile app notifications, e-mail, text messaging, and user prompts upon login to do so.

Historical medical utilization integrated into MyChoice® Recommendation Engine drives more personalized plan recommendations
Although claims data is not always the best indicator of future health care spend, understanding how employees have previously used their medical benefits can be a valuable educational entry point to help employees understand the impact plan selection can have on their health care utilization and behavior. Businessolver added a new option within its decision support tool, the MyChoice Recommendation Engine, that allows historical claims utilization to be integrated into the overall benefits recommendations suggested for employees and their dependents during the benefits enrollment process. Not only does this enhancement help yield greater personalization in plan recommendations, but also allows employees the opportunity to understand how they are putting their benefits to use and if more cost-effective usage is possible.

MyChoice Find a Provider reduces confusion and adds convenience to accessing health care
In partnership with Amino®, a leading health care guidance platform, Businessolver added MyChoice® Find a Provider to its product offering, a health care navigation tool that allows employees to find and book high-quality, cost-effective medical care within Benefitsolver. Powered by Amino's Smart Match technology, MyChoice Find a Provider seamlessly integrates with Benefitsolver, the MyChoice Mobile App, and Businessolver's personal benefits assistant SofiaSM to guide employees toward informed health care decisions based on their condition, medical plan, and geographic location/preference. More often than not, driving greater health care consumerism begins with providing greater convenience. MyChoice Find a Provider creates a seamless opportunity for employees to find in-network providers and review cost coverage options from the same place in which they enroll in their benefits, an important tool ahead of next year's transparency regulations.

Updated user interface for MyChoice Mobile App promotes mobile-first adoption in line with consumer tendencies and preferences
The average American spends more than 17 hours in front of a screen each day, including 4.5 hours on a smartphone—most of which is spent using apps. The average American smartphone user has close to 90 apps installed on their phone and uses almost 8 apps every day. Further, the increase in remote work since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has surged daily screen time—now up to 19 hours since March 2020. Those statistics drive Businessolver's continued investment in its mobile technology, including the latest release of a new user interface and dashboard for its MyChoice Mobile App. The updated dashboard uses consumer best practices and brings greater visibility to Businessolver's personal benefits assistant Sofia.

Enhanced reporting for Sofia helps clients shape and shift benefits engagement strategies
Alongside continuous updates to its artificial intelligence capabilities, Businessolver recently upgraded the depth of reporting available to clients related to usage of its personal benefits assistant Sofia. This enhanced reporting includes important performance metrics that show Businessolver clients Sofia's ability to resolve employees' benefits questions via chats and calls any day, any time. More importantly, the new reporting includes engagement metrics for Sofia that aren't available elsewhere—specifically how Sofia is able to mine thousands of conversations to provide the key insights into what an employee population is asking and how they are asking it. This leads to superior findings in how Businessolver clients can pivot engagement strategies throughout the year to meet employees' needs.

"We're honored to be a trusted partner for our clients during this incredibly challenging time, and want to repay that trust by giving them our very best in product innovation and exceptional service," Shanahan said. "The additions and enhancements we've made to Benefitsolver in the first half of this year help bolster our clients' ability to meet current workforce challenges as well as arm them with data to effectively plan for the future."

About Businessolver

Since 1998, Businessolver has delivered market-changing benefits technology and services supported by an intrinsic responsiveness to client needs. The company creates client programs that maximize benefits program investment, minimize risk exposure, and engage employees with easy-to-use solutions and communication tools to assist them in making wise and cost-efficient benefits selections. Founded by HR professionals, Businessolver's unwavering service-oriented culture and secure SaaS platform provide measurable success in its mission to provide complete client delight.


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Other News

Chicago Tribune Names SilkRoad Technology As Best Places to Work in 2022

SilkRoad Technology | November 11, 2022

SilkRoad Technology has been named one of the Chicago Tribune’s 2022 Top Workplaces, first among HR technology providers of all sizes. Results are based entirely on an anonymous employee feedback survey conducted by a third party, Energage, from April to July 2022. The survey measures 15 drivers of engaged work cultures, including connection, alignment, and execution. This year, SilkRoad ranked 25th on the list of smaller organizations, defined as having under 249 employees. “We are proud to continue to be recognized as a top workplace in Chicago for our approach to engaging and retaining talent, As Chicago continues to see interest and investments as a tech hub and prized talent pool, competition will increasingly heighten. We will continue to invest in employees, encourage them to commit to their craft and provide opportunities for new benefits and a rewarding work-life balance.” -Kate O’Neill, Chief Financial and People Officer of SilkRoad Technology As an HR technology provider, it’s important that we practice what we preach to our clients in terms of delivering compelling experiences to our employees, Now more than ever, people want to work for a culture that exemplifies excellence. We look forward to continuing to set the bar in Chicago and abroad,said Robert Tsao, Chief Executive Officer of SilkRoad Technology. About SilkRoad Technology Since 2003, SilkRoad has set the standard for talent acquisition innovation with scalable, configurable, branded experiences that attract, retain and align people to their business. SilkRoad delivers personalized experiences for employees to drive engagement across the employment lifecycle, enabling measurable and improved business outcomes.

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UKG Expands Collaboration with Microsoft to Create Better Technology Experiences at Work

UKG | November 10, 2022

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today announced it will embed UKG solutions into popular systems of engagement and communication, beginning with Microsoft Teams. This initiative will help reduce the disruptions people regularly experience at work switching between multiple business applications and instead allow them to focus on completing important actions in the moment in the solution they prefer, like Teams. Capitalizing on the highly extensible UKG FleX technology platform, UKG collaborated with Microsoft to develop a single, seamless interface for UKG Dimensions and Shifts, the schedule management application within Teams. Organizations can empower their people to view and accept open shifts, request time off, punch in and out, and complete other workforce management tasks directly from Teams — without ever switching to Dimensions. “Our collaboration with Microsoft is a powerful example of how the world’s leading technology providers are coming together to transform the workplace IT experience in service of people so that everyone can instead focus on more meaningful and purposeful aspects of their role, Our vision to embed UKG into leading systems of engagement will eliminate the need to learn and navigate multiple applications and allow people to achieve more in the flow of work. We are committed to creating the new standard for interoperability in the HCM industry.” -Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG The UKG Dimensions integration with the Shifts app in Microsoft Teams helps the workforce simplify scheduling and time management, all on one single, secure pane of glass, With over two billion frontline workers globally, we have a unique opportunity to provide digital solutions to address the needs of this workforce who has been traditionally underserved,said Nicole Herskowitz, vice president of Microsoft Teams and Platform. UKG has a long history of collaborating with Microsoft to help people get more done at work. The two organizations first partnered in 2018 to explore opportunities to help people get faster access to answers through a workforce management chatbot. In 2021, the collaboration expanded to feature a UKG Pro chatbot for Teams, as well as the ability to surface critical updates from Dimensions and Pro to Microsoft’s employee experience platform, Viva. Other projects together have focused on integrating Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for security and simplifying business insights with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We foresee a future of HR technology where people are able to focus on what they need to achieve and how to make the biggest impact instead of which business application they need to use to complete frequent and routine tasks, By removing this friction from the workplace experience, we’ll help our tens of thousands of customers continue to positively transform work for their people every, single day,said Chris Todd, CEO at UKG. About UKG At UKG, our purpose is people. As strong believers in the power of culture and belonging as the secret to success, we champion great workplaces and build lifelong partnerships with our customers to show what’s possible when businesses invest in their people. Born from a historic merger that created one of the world’s leading HCM cloud companies, our Life-work Technology approach to HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people helps more than 70,000 organizations around the globe and across every industry anticipate and adapt to their employees’ needs beyond just work.

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ChartHop Honors People-First HR Leaders Through 2nd Annual People Pioneers Award

ChartHop | November 16, 2022

ChartHop, the leader in people analytics transforming the way companies manage and support their people, has recognized 10 People leaders redefining the HR discipline in its 2nd Annual People Pioneers Award. ChartHop created the People Pioneers Award to honor HR professionals who have positively impacted their companies and employees via company growth, cultural change, new benefits programs, and more. "This past year we've seen a people-first revolution and People leaders have been tasked with developing programs for the whole employee lifecycle to create a true sense of workplace belonging, We celebrate this year's group of talented People Pioneers for their ability to drive change, embrace the future of HR, and pave the way for future leaders." -said Ian White, founder and CEO of ChartHop The 2nd Annual People Pioneers Award winners were nominated by their peers and selected by a rigorous judging process evaluating their impact on implementing people-first initiatives to positively influence both their people and business' bottom line. Winners earned their accolades for their success in establishing fair compensation policies, scaling company growth, increasing employee net promoter scores, and implementing DEI initiatives. This year's recipients are: Adrianne Court, CHRO at Tealium Aleksandra Paszkiewicz, Head of People at Netguru Chad MacRae, VP of Talent at Tinder JaNaye Norman, VP of People at Modo Labs Jen Paxton, VP of People at Joanna Wise, SVP of People at Whip Media Larry Indovina, Chief People Officer at Top Hat My Doan Cong, Head of People at ALT Natalie Rast, Director of People Operations at Stensul Noah Warder, Head of People at Guusto Chad MacRae, VP of Talent at Tinder, earned a spot on the list for bringing strategic foresight to his company's talent team and overseeing triple headcount growth over the last three years. Tinder hired 70% of its current employees under MacRae's leadership. Other key initiatives MacRae introduced to support this dynamic growth include creating workshops, moving to true scenario planning, and implementing the "Be Your Best Self-Education Reimbursement" program. I help my team to lean into the current state of the business and examine the external drivers affecting a business and its headcount growth, With this focus, the Talent team has been able to plan for multiple scenarios while scaling through a global pandemic and launching hybrid work possibilities across North America,said MacRae. My Doan Cong, Head of People at ALT, a champion for inclusivity and employee wellbeing, was chosen for her tremendous impact in creating an empathetic environment for all ALT employees. Since joining the company in early 2022, Doan Cong has rolled out several people-first initiatives: she authored employee leveling and raise structures, increased events and communication to promote belonging, and developed an employee wellness program addressing physical, mental, and financial health. We've heard a lot of talk about driving efficiency across different tech companies, At ALT, we approach efficiency through a people-first lens by asking ourselves, 'How can I get folks to do their best work?' Engagement and feedback culture is really important, especially in companies with remote workers,said Doan Cong. About ChartHop: ChartHop is transforming the way companies manage and support their people. By consolidating people data into one employee-centric platform to visualize, discover, and act on insights, ChartHop creates more informed, empowered, and connected organizations. From executives to individual contributors to every employee in between, ChartHop is designed for everyone in the organization. ChartHop plays well with dozens of platforms through robust integrations across the HR tech stack, and serves companies like 1Password, BetterCloud, and Starburst. Founded in 2019 by Ian White, ChartHop is backed by Andreessen Horowitz.

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HR ANALYTICS,EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE to invest in bringing the best kept secret in HR tech to America

Sapia | December 14, 2022

Following its phenomenal success in transforming hiring for some of Australia's biggest retail brands, is excited to grow its share of the US market in 2023 with the appointment of Russell Mikowski as President, Americas. Mikowski brings a significant depth of knowledge around the HR tech ecosystem, having previously served as the head of sales for both iCIMS and Symphony Talent. I can't wait to show people what Sapia is capable of, Mikowski said. This technology is going to revolutionize talent acquisition. Sapia addresses commonly occurring pain points like cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, and hiring accuracy in an unbiased manner and in a way that no other product on the market can - at a time when recession-proofing recruiting process is top-of-mind for many North American businesses. The increasing focus on skills-based hiring (something resumes are of little help with) has tilted HR tech's brightest spotlight towards products that can effectively screen and assess applicants' likelihood to perform well in a given role. Sapia is a chat-based interview that candidates complete on their phone. It uses AI to analyze text from the chat to uncover a candidate's suitability for a job, giving everyone who desires one the opportunity to get a first interview and delivering personalized feedback about their strengths and weaknesses (not only to the hiring team, but also to the candidate). That's right - with Sapia, there's no "black hole" - every candidate who takes the chat interview gets feedback. This is especially valuable in the retail world where job applicants are also buyers and a poor candidate experience could reduce their brand loyalty as consumers. People are being blown away by Open AI's ChatGPT and the way it answers general knowledge questions in such a human-like and accurate manner. This is the "new frontier of AI." Sapia utilizes similar technology to give recruiters and hiring managers an accurate understanding of the "person behind the resume." Even amongst those who don't get the job that they've applied for, 96.7% of candidates report that they find Sapia's feedback useful. Sapia's average candidate happiness score is 8.8/10 - and there's minimal variability across gender and race indicating that the experience is inclusive and not strongly preferred by one group over another. Candidates that reported a disability or EASL have even higher than the average candidate happiness scores! Sapia is thinking about AI and its implications in a very different way from most other HR tech providers by applying it through a human lens that is both ethical and beneficial to the world, Mikowski said. It does this all while creating as little friction as possible for both candidates and hiring managers. And, by ethically utilizing AI, Sapia removes the likelihood that human bias for or against particular races, ethnicities, genders, ages, sexual orientations, or different abilities will creep in during the applicant screening process. "Having worked in HR Tech for over fifteen years I can say that it's hard to come across products that actually deliver on the promises they make, Every company in this space markets their offering as having a positive impact on DE&I, but the actual results are often negligible. Sapia's product and mission are making a truly meaningful contribution to equitable hiring, and we're just scratching the surface!" -Mikowski About Sapia Sapia's mission is to help companies unlock and engage talent at scale. With its blind, automated chat interview and comprehensive DEI analytics platform, Sapia's technology is the first solution of its kind to disrupt biases that affects traditional recruitment processes – resulting in fair outcomes for candidates and companies.

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At Drake International, it all comes down to fit! Drake is actively recruiting for the following internal positions for our Canadian branches:  Client Relationship Managers  Branch Managers Recruitment Consultants (Permanent and Flexible Staffing)We are looking for people who exhibit passion, drive, enthusiasm, unlimited energy and most of all – are results-driven networkers.