Co-founders of SAP SuccessFactors Join Gloat to Help Enterprises Unleash Internal Talent During Economic Uncertainty

Gloat | April 29, 2020

  • Gloat, the AI-powered talent marketplace and workforce agility platform already deployed by some of the largest employers in the world such as Unilever and Schneider Electric.

  • Inspired by Gloat's Success with Fortune 500 Customers, Lars Dalgaard and Aaron Au Join HR Tech Company To Help Enterprises Remain Agile During Periods of Economic Uncertainty.

  • Through the power of Gloat's AI, companies are unleashing internal talent mobility at scale, unlocking capacity, increasing employee engagement and revolutionizing the future of work.

Gloat, the AI-powered talent marketplace and workforce agility platform already deployed by some of the largest employers in the world such as Unilever and Schneider Electric, announced today that Lars Dalgaard and Aaron Au, co-founders of SAP SuccessFactors, have joined the company as strategic advisors and investors.

Through the power of Gloat's AI, companies are unleashing internal talent mobility at scale, unlocking capacity, increasing employee engagement and revolutionizing the future of work. Especially now, during times of economic uncertainty when over 40% of enterprises have frozen or reduced drastically hiring, organizations are turning to Gloat to help them reallocate talent and gain unprecedented visibility into their resources at speed. The additions of Dalgaard and Au build on Gloat's momentum and accelerate the company's ability to serve its global client base.

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"Lars and Aaron bring unparalleled experience in the HR technology market. Upon seeing the success we've achieved with large-scale global enterprises, they decided to join our efforts and we are thrilled to have them be part of our team," said Gloat founder and CEO Ben Reuveni. "Their vision and support will help Gloat empower enterprises to increase workforce agility and prepare for periods of massive disruption and market volatility."

Lars Dalgaard previously served as founder and CEO of SuccessFactors. Dalgaard was one of the early cloud visionaries and led SuccessFactors through significant market changes. Dalgaard is responsible for building the company into a global leader in cloud-based HR software and brought SuccessFactors public before selling the organization to SAP for $3.4 billion in 2011.

"I am thoroughly impressed by Gloat's AI technology and success with iconic brands like Unilever and Schneider Electric, which have rolled out the Gloat platform to their 100,000+ employee workforces," Dalgaard said. "Gloat's technology delivers real results to global enterprises, allowing them to quickly reallocate resources and increase internal mobility during these trying times."

Gloat's AI technology is a proven necessity for major organizations during this time. Organizations must have the ability to remain agile, while empowering employees and delivering for customers. I am excited to be joining Gloat as they continue to provide their own customers with the tools needed to face today's challenges.

- Aaron Au, previously the CTO and co-founder of SAP SuccessFactors

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About Gloat

Founded in 2015, Gloat is redefining the future of work with its mission to democratize career development, unlock skills, and help enterprises build a future-proof workforce. The company was founded by Ben Reuveni, Amichai Schreiber, and Danny Shteinberg, and is based in New York. The company has offices across the globe with a large R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel.



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Peer-to-peer recognition reaches the largest number of people at your organization. It’s a meaningful step towards helping employees feel appreciated, motivated and engaged 365 days a year, and to start building a culture of continuous recognition. By downloading this highlight you’ll: Discover how employee recognition programs