HR ANALYTICS Announces Contest with Cash Prizes for Sharing HR Expertise in an Educational Video Micro-Lesson | June 10, 2021, the world's biggest network of human resources (HR) professionals, has announced a quarterly contest for micro-lesson entries from its Learning & Development (L&D) department. One grand prize winner and second and third place winners will be chosen, with the first prize winner receiving USD 300. HR and learning specialists in any area of HR are encouraged to submit a micro-lesson video by September 30th, 2021, at 12:00 AM EST.

The micro-lesson videos will be evaluated using the competition criteria and the "4 Pillar Methodology."All contestants' submissions can be selected for's online library of video-based and interactive micro-lessons for HR professionals; content providers will be invited to receive residual income.

Micro-lessons should be adapted to the specific of human resource professionals. Instructional designers interested in learning about or expanding their knowledge of micro-lessons and creative individuals willing to use technology to plan and design engaging micro-lessons to help HR professionals do their jobs better are ideal candidates for this contest are encouraged to submit.

Typical micro-lessons are four to eleven-minute "just-in-time training" classes with a single focus on one or two performance objectives. Each module aims to build or improve a specific skill set. They should go beyond information acquisition and emphasize how learners may incorporate and use this new information in their particular role, industry, or workplace in the future.

The "4 Pillar Methodology" of micro-lessons include:

• Pillar 1: Connect - How can the micro-lesson connect with the learner?
• Pillar 2: Engage - How can the micro-lesson engage with the learner to drive understanding and teach the content in ways that encourage reflection, participation, and learning?
• Pillar 3: Strategies - How can the micro-lesson put knowledge into action?
• Pillar 4: Implement - How can the micro-lesson guide learners to implement their chosen strategy and create their action plans? will provide four examples of micro-lessons. will give access to a brief online training course on the "4 Pillars of Effective Learning Design" for interested individuals.

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One of the strategic initiatives of the Zoo’s HR department in recent years has been to phase out paper-and-ink processes and to become a fully paperless operation. To start, this meant finding a storage system that could digitize and store the 87 boxes of paper files that the department already had on hand. Additionally, the HR department required a solution that would prevent the need to produce more paper in the future. As things stood, whenever new hires were brought onboard, paperwork had to be printed out and signed with a wet signature. Basic cloud storage just wouldn’t cut it, as most solutions did not include a quick and easy way to get paper files into the system. Without DTM and eSignature capabilities, there would also still be a need to print, fax, and scan files back into the cloud every time a new hire joined the Zoo.

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Metafora & Lean Solutions Group Partner to Further the Transportation & Logistics Industry through Technology, Staffing, & Organizational Improvement

Metafora | April 06, 2022

Metafora and Lean Solutions Group are partnering to provide IT consulting and tech development services to companies in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain sectors, the two firms announced today. Metafora, formerly CarrierDirect, is a management consulting and tech development firm. Lean Solutions Group will work with Metafora to provide recruitment, staffing, and team spin-up services delivered from the company's nearshore satellite locations in Latin America. "Like Metafora, our firm is rooted in serving the transportation, logistics and supply chain space, This mutual agreement allows us to work together on behalf of our clients and prospects, leveraging each other's strengths and experience. While there remains a grave talent shortage problem in the United States, Latin America is bulging with strong, successful IT talent with a strong work ethic. Our Lean Staffing division excels at recruiting, building, and retaining tech teams which, operating as extensions of our clients' IT teams in the same time zone, can help businesses more rapidly develop and deploy tech solutions." -Robert Cadena, CEO and co-founder of Lean Solutions Group. "In an increasingly difficult hiring environment, we've seen first hand the tremendous benefits of using nearshore labor like Lean Solutions Group across transportation and logistics businesses. Our partnership with Lean is about helping the top transportation & logistics businesses maximize the value they get from nearshoring, allowing leaders to scale their businesses with incredible cost efficiency. Metafora's 10+ years of consulting on organization and process efficiency and optimization for the top 3PLs, carriers, and forwarders makes this the perfect partnership. We've developed a rapid operating model assessment to quickly identify what parts of an organization are best suited to move nearshore to optimize process and cost efficiency." -Peter Rentschler, CEO of Metafora The staffing crunch challenge in transportation & logistics is not going away anytime soon. This strategic partnership is designed to directly address the labor shortage in our industry by improving processes and getting reliable nearshore talent. About Metafora Metafora, previously "CarrierDirect", is a business consulting and software development firm that exclusively serves the transportation, logistics, and supply chain space. Metafora partners with carriers, shippers, and freight tech vendors to help them optimize their business and develop tech strategy to fuel their growth. Metafora+ is their partnership network. About Lean Solutions Group Lean Solutions Group, established in 2012, and based in Coral Springs, Florida, is a nearshore services provider that has partnered with more than 400 U.S.-based companies to establish their satellite offices in Colombia, South America. Lean Solutions Group's expanded service offerings, provided by a highly scalable and flexible workforce of more than 6,000 employees, include staffing, technology, marketing, sales, and business process outsourcing services, all in one place. By leveraging the right talent, culture, and price that Lean Solutions provide, businesses can lower operational costs and drive business growth.

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NFI’s Melissa Winkleman Promoted to Senior Vice President, Human Resources

NFI | January 04, 2022

NFI, a leading supply chain provider headquartered in Camden, N.J., recently announced the promotion of Melissa (Kosmin) Winkelman, to Senior Vice President, Human Resources. In this role, Winkleman will contribute to the broadening of talent strategies to match NFI's growth. “Our people are central to NFI’s overall strategy, and NFI continues to make it a priority to invest in attracting and retaining the best talent, Melissa has been a true partner in growing the HR function at NFI. She has been instrumental in aligning the HR Operations teams with the field teams, and has had a hand in implementing countless improvements to our programs and policies, Melissa has played a critical role in helping the HR team provide exemplary service, both locally and to the field” - Nancy Stefanowicz, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer at NFI. Winkleman started at NFI in 2015 as the Vice President, Human Resource Operations and Compensation, and has helped to support all field-based startups, acquisitions, compensation, talent, and HR operational activities. Winkleman also serves as a Board Member of The Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy (PSPS), the premier senior-level human capital association for exchanging ideas, knowledge, and fellowship among the Greater Philadelphia Region's senior HR and business leaders. Founded in 1932, NFI has more than 15,000 employees spanning 300 locations throughout North America across numerous areas including operations, engineering, sales, transportation, and IT. This past July, the company was recognized as one of the Largest Employers by the Philadelphia Business Journal. In addition, NFI was recognized by Ripplematch as a top workplace for Generation Z: The Next Gen 100 this month. This list identifies organizations that go above and beyond to craft a workplace that empowers their employees to thrive professionally and personally. About NFI NFI is a fully integrated North American supply chain solutions provider headquartered in Camden, N.J. Privately held by the Brown family since its inception in 1932, NFI generates more than $3 billion in annual revenue and employs over 15,000 associates. NFI owns facilities globally and operates more than 60 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space. Its dedicated fleet consists of over 4,600 tractors and 13,00 trailers operated by 3,900 company drivers and leveraging partnerships with 500 independent contractors. NFI has a significant drayage presence at nearly every major U.S. port, leveraging the services of an additional 1,500 independent contractors. The company’s business lines include dedicated transportation, distribution, ecommerce fulfillment, brokerage, transportation management, port drayage, intermodal, global logistics, and real estate.

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DevOps Institute Launches Continuing Education Program to Foster Lifelong Learning for IT Professionals and Organizations

DevOps Institute | January 28, 2022

DevOps Institute, a professional member association and certification authority for advancing the human elements of DevOps, today announced its new Continuing Education Program. DevOps Institute's goal is to foster the spirit of continuous learning for all DevOps humans looking to advance their careers and help lead their organizations toward DevOps maturity. The Continuing Education Program equips certified members with the skills, knowledge, ideas, and learning (SKIL) necessary to stay relevant, optimize emerging trends, and meet their professional goals. To retain their DevOps Institute certification, individuals will need to renew their certifications every two years by obtaining Continuing Education Units (CEUs). They must also be a Learning Community Member in good standing. Learn more about the Continuing Education Program: "In today's workplace environment, lifelong learning is essential to all humans, and particularly those in IT undergoing a DevOps journey, The Continuing Education Program offers an extensive selection of activities and opportunities that focus on learning, skills development, staying current with modern practices, and professional growth in the digital age." -Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute. The Continuing Education Program benefits individual DevOps professionals and IT organizations in the following ways: Benefits for Individuals: Provides greater value to certifications through continuing education credits Allows individuals to stay competitive with current and most relevant DevOps skills, knowledge, ideas and learning Supports continuous upskilling that leads to DevOps career advancement opportunities Demonstrates commitment to professional development to current and potential employers Boosts resume, personal brand, and marketability to stand out to employers and customers Increases work productivity and efficiency Benefits for Organizations: Enhances employee recruitment and retention – in a competitive hiring market, DevOps professionals want to know that their organization is willing to support and invest in their professional growth Provides passion and purpose – fostering a culture of continuous learning where work has meaning and purpose Assists with cross-training and coverage - through learning new or hybrid DevOps skills Increases team productivity and efficiency Reduces costs – through reduced downtime, fewer errors, less turnover How Continuing Education Credits Work All DevOps Institute certifications expire after two years. To renew a DevOps Institute certification, individuals and organizations must upgrade to DevOps Institute Learning Community Membership and earn the required number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through eligible learning activities before the certification expiration date. About DevOps Institute DevOps Institute is a professional member association and certification authority. DevOps Institute's mission is to advance the human elements of DevOps. It is the unifying force of an open and growing professional community of IT practitioners, consultants, talent acquisition and executives helping pave the way to support digital transformation and the New IT.

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Irresistible 2022-- Microsoft and Walmart HR Innovators Recognized with HR Hero Awards

The Josh Bersin Company | May 27, 2022

The Josh Bersin Company, a research and advisory company focused on HR and workforce strategies, has presented two trailblazing HR leaders with HR Hero awards at the inaugural Irresistible event, recognizing their success in building an "irresistible organization" during one of the most challenging times for employers and the workplace globally. Amy Coleman, Corporate VP of HR at Microsoft, accepted Microsoft's HR Hero award for the organization's work driving a dramatic culture transformation across the vast global business, empowering both employees and customers: Amy Coleman of Microsoft and Donna Morris from Walmart – and their teams – are HR Heroes in every sense Irresistible 2022, running May 23-25, is the first event of its kind. Hosted at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, the employee-centric global HR event has brought together HR leaders from the world's top brands to candidly discuss their experiences of how they adapted and reinvented the employee experience, and to share pioneering best practice, as workplaces around the world continue to reinvent themselves in the face of lasting disruption triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. About The Josh Bersin Company The Josh Bersin Company provides a wide range of research and advisory services, including a corporate membership program, to help HR leaders and professionals tackle the ever-evolving challenges and needs of today's workforce. The firm's research team covers all topics in HR, talent, and L&D, including diversity, equity, and inclusion; employee experience; remote and hybrid work; wellbeing; HR strategy and capabilities; learning and career mobility; HR technology; organization design and development; and talent acquisition and mobility. With the Global Workforce Intelligence (GWI) Project, The Josh Bersin Company also serves to expand its support of market-leading businesses by helping them navigate the challenges of industry convergence while remaining future-focused. Under the company's umbrella is the Josh Bersin Academy, the world's first global development academy for HR and talent professionals and a transformation agent for HR organizations. The Academy, which has seen more than 50,000 program enrollments since its 2019 launch, offers content-rich online courses, a carefully curated library of tools and resources, and a global community that helps HR and talent professionals stay current on the trends and practices needed to drive organizational success in the modern world of work.

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One of the strategic initiatives of the Zoo’s HR department in recent years has been to phase out paper-and-ink processes and to become a fully paperless operation. To start, this meant finding a storage system that could digitize and store the 87 boxes of paper files that the department already had on hand. Additionally, the HR department required a solution that would prevent the need to produce more paper in the future. As things stood, whenever new hires were brought onboard, paperwork had to be printed out and signed with a wet signature. Basic cloud storage just wouldn’t cut it, as most solutions did not include a quick and easy way to get paper files into the system. Without DTM and eSignature capabilities, there would also still be a need to print, fax, and scan files back into the cloud every time a new hire joined the Zoo.