PeopleScout Named a Leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing in North America by Everest Group

PeopleScout | August 26, 2021

PeopleScout has earned top recognition in the talent acquisition industry, being named a Leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing in North America by Everest Group. PeopleScout was designated as a Leader and recognized as North America's largest RPO provider for the second straight year in Everest Group's annual Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021 for North America.

Everest Group classifies RPO service providers into three ascending categories of Aspirants, Major Contenders and the highest designation, Leaders. Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® framework assesses the market success and overall delivery capability of RPO service providers.

"PeopleScout is one of the largest players in the North American RPO market. Its expertise in sourcing a wide variety of job roles across multiple industries has enabled it to witness continued market success. Its continued investments in its Affinix™ technology platform and Affinix Analytics have resulted in a comprehensive RPO offering for clients," said Arkadev Basak, Vice President, Everest Group. "This has helped the firm maintain its position as a Leader on Everest Group's RPO in North America Services PEAK Matrix® 2021."

"PeopleScout is honored to be recognized again by Everest Group for our RPO leadership," said PeopleScout President Brannon Lacey. "We are committed to building strong partnerships with our clients and to enabling them to future-proof their talent acquisition strategy through the right combination of high-touch service delivery and high-tech enablement."

Everest Group's assessment of PeopleScout on this year's PEAK Matrix® highlighted the following strengths:
PeopleScout is the largest RPO provider by number of hires managed in North America. Leaders, including PeopleScout, have performed better than peers in areas such as consulting and value-added services, Total Talent Acquisition (TTA), and development of technology-driven offerings such as high-volume and low-cost solutions. Referenced clients reported that responsiveness and relationship management were key strengths of PeopleScout.
PeopleScout was recognized for recent investments to its proprietary talent acquisition technology Affinix™, including upgraded AI capabilities to screen candidates sourced from public sources, existing talent pools and clients' existing employees along with enhanced automated high-volume, virtual onboarding and internal mobility solutions.
PeopleScout's Affinix Analytics platform was also recognized for providing clients actionable insights about program performance and diversity hiring efforts.
Everest Group's research is based on three key sources of proprietary information: its database of approximately 3,400 RPO deals, the operational capability of the 31 assessed RPO service providers, and ongoing buyer surveys and interactions. To be named a Leader, RPO providers must have the highest maturity levels in market impact, vision and capability.

About PeopleScout
PeopleScout, a TrueBlue company, is a leading RPO provider managing talent solutions that span the global economy, with end-to-end MSP and talent advisory capabilities supporting total workforce needs. PeopleScout boasts 97% client retention managing the most complex programs in the industry. The company's thousands of forward-looking talent professionals provide clients with the edge in the people business by consistently delivering now while anticipating what's next. Affinix™, PeopleScout's proprietary talent acquisition platform, empowers faster engagement with the best talent through an AI-driven, consumer-like candidate experience with one-point ATS and VMS integration and single sign-on. Leveraging the power of data gleaned from engaging millions of candidates and contingent associates every year, PeopleScout enhances talent intelligence for clients across more than 70 countries with headquarters in Chicago, Sydney and London and global delivery centers in Toronto, Montreal, Bristol, Krakow, Gurgaon and Bangalore.


In order to maximize productivity, every company wants to ensure that it recruits and retains the best and the brightest talent. To compete and remain on the cutting edge of their respective industries, companies must ensure not only that they have enough people but the right people. Obviously, the goal is to get the biggest “bang” for the buck. However, it is no secret that recruiting talented employees can be difficult.

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In order to maximize productivity, every company wants to ensure that it recruits and retains the best and the brightest talent. To compete and remain on the cutting edge of their respective industries, companies must ensure not only that they have enough people but the right people. Obviously, the goal is to get the biggest “bang” for the buck. However, it is no secret that recruiting talented employees can be difficult.