Workday and Join Forces to Help Organizations Safely Return to Work

Workday | May 28, 2020

  • Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, announced plans to further integrate Workday and Salesforce to enable joint customers to forge ahead in their plans to safely return to work.

  • Workday and Salesforce’s come together to help customers better prepare the workforce and more safely and securely reopen the workplace.

  • The pairing will equip joint customers with rich, timely insights and tools to help them manage their workforce as businesses move further into a reopening strategy in the face of COVID-19.

Workday (NASDAQ: WDAY), a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, announced plans to further integrate Workday and Salesforce to enable joint customers to forge ahead in their plans to safely return to work.

The companies will offer integrated solutions between Workday, the source of truth for real-time worker information and skills insights for today’s dynamic workforce, and Salesforce’s, an all-new suite of applications and advisory resources to help business and community leaders around the world reopen safely. The pairing will equip joint customers with rich, timely insights and tools to help them manage their workforce as businesses move further into a reopening strategy in the face of COVID-19.

A Partnership to Support Evolving Workforce and Workplace Needs

As organizations move further into returning to work, they are looking for new ways to foster a data-driven culture built around better understanding, protecting, and driving productivity of a more distributed workforce as COVID-19 redefines how and where work gets done. This, in combination with the need to adhere to ever-changing regulations, requires trusted partners and solutions to foster cross-organizational collaboration, drive smart decisions quickly, and communicate to workers and beyond at scale.

With the integrated solutions between Workday and Salesforce’s, customers will be able to synchronize critical worker and skills data from Workday, including that from the powerful Workday Skills Cloud ontology, with’s safety, health, and workplace information. The companies plan to deliver future solutions that will help customers:

Prepare and Protect the Workplace:

As organizations look to reopen, they will be able to assess site readiness and track regional health considerations to make critical data-driven decisions such as whether office space reconfiguration can accommodate social distancing requirements or evaluate and manage personal protective equipment inventory. They also will be able to more safely assign and deploy workers to the appropriate sites while staying informed about local health and safety regulations.

Safeguard and Support the Workforce:

Customers looking at bringing their workforce back to the office may also assess worker location preferences or viability by health-screening, and determine ongoing employee eligibility based on health and safety training completion. Additionally, they will be able to create a phased approach to bringing workers back based on other factors such as criticality, shift management, and location capacity. This can all be done while protecting the safety of workers onsite and at home with solutions to manually trace health and relationship contacts in a safe and private manner.

Prepare for the Changing World of Work:

As customers look to the future, they can identify the skills they have and will need, and will be able to determine where they have the best opportunities to upskill and reskill their workforce - ultimately deploying talent when, where, and how required to meet evolving business needs.

About Workday

Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. Founded in 2005, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, planning, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. Organizations ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises have selected Workday.



Retention. Acquisition. Culture. Business leaders talk about these particular topics when creating and growing their businesses, but why are they so important? It’s been estimated that 66% of employees are not engaged at work (Gallup, 2018). This means wasted time, money and ultimately an organization that cannot thrive. These topics are necessary to create an engaged organization and happy workforce. So, how do you create and, more importantly, measure progress toward creating fully engaged employees?

Other News

Greenshades Software Announces Strategic Alliance with Lathem Time

Greenshades Software | May 02, 2022

Greenshades Software, a leader in Payroll, HR, and Compliance Solutions for midsized companies, and Lathem Time, a leading provider of employee time and attendance management systems, today announced the signing of a strategic partnership. Through the agreement, the companies will integrate with each other's platforms, creating an advanced end-to-end labor management solution. "At Greenshades, we're always looking for new ways to simplify, streamline, and automate Payroll and HR functions for our clients and the workers they support, For organizations that need more granular control of pay rules and labor schedules or those that require a physical data capture device, Lathem offers an exceptional workforce management platform. We're proud to extend this solution to our 3,800+ clients." -David Rosas, Co-Founder and CEO of Greenshades Software. Rosas stated the decision to formalize a strategic alliance was predicated on strong alignment between the two organization's cultures, a parallel approach to the market, and a shared focus on addressing the rapidly evolving needs of "deskless workers." A sentiment that is echoed by the leadership team at Lathem. "The past couple of years have ushered in tremendous change for all businesses. The technology they use to keep employees safe, focused, and informed needed to evolve to keep pace, From touchless clocks for frontline workers to more robust online solutions for remote workers, Lathem has been on the forefront of innovation. We know David and the Greenshades team are doing the same for Payroll and HR professionals, so we're thrilled for the opportunity this partnership creates for our clients." -Bill Lathem, President and CEO of Lathem Time. Greenshades and Lathem solutions will be featured on each company's online marketplace and fully integrated via API for a seamless experience between the two platforms. About Greenshades Software Since 2002, Greenshades has been singularly devoted to helping hardworking companies fulfill the promises they make to their employees. With intuitive technology and best-in-class customer support, Greenshades empowers Payroll and HR departments to give their teams everything they need to thrive. Delivering accurate payroll, proactive compliance, automated tax calculations, and robust employee engagement through one powerful platform supported by world-class customer care. About Lathem Time Founded in 1919, Lathem is the leading supplier of time and attendance products for businesses in North America. Over 1 million companies have relied on a Lathem solution to track their employees' time for payroll. Lathem offers innovative technology that is easy-to-use, reliable, and designed with over 100 years of industry expertise. From cloud-based software to mobile apps and biometric face recognition technology, every Lathem product is backed by an industry leading US-based customer service team that average an astounding 18 years of service. Many have tenures of more than 30 years. This commitment is evidenced in every product that carries the Lathem name. Family values, pride of craftsmanship and attention to detail are at the core of Lathem's culture.

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Making Progress on Its Sustainability Journey, Workhuman Announces New Milestones

Workhuman | April 25, 2022

Workhuman®, pioneers of the human workplace, announced key milestones on its global sustainability journey. Workhuman is on a mission to make work more human around the world, and a large part of that is ensuring that the company is making progress toward a more positive impact on the environment. To commemorate Earth Day, the company is sharing more details about its sustainability programs, commitment, and achievements. As an important step in its sustainability journey, Workhuman has achieved carbon neutrality for its global 2021 Scope 1 and 2 emissions, in addition to a portion of its Scope 3 emissions, through verified carbon removal offsets and renewable energy certificates (RECs). The joint procurement was conducted alongside six other global software companies, arranged by Sustainability Roundtable, Inc., a strategic advisory and support service for ESG program assistance, of which Workhuman is a member. “The movement towards a human-centered workplace led by Workhuman is a source of hope, A more sustainable business is one that grows beyond extracting value to create value. This begins with recognizing and promoting our inalienable human and ecological dignity. For this reason, Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. considers it a privilege to assist Workhuman.” -Jim Boyle, CEO & Founder of Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. Workhuman offset all its 2021 Scope 1 emissions in addition to Scope 3 business travel and estimates of employees’ electricity emissions while working from home. Workhuman worked with Natural Capital Partners, the world’s leading experts on carbon neutrality and climate finance, to procure these offsets from the Mississippi Valley Reforestation project, which is certified by American Carbon Registry and aims to reforest one million acres of the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Unlike other carbon offsets that avoid the release of additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this project will remove existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As Workhuman explores the possibility of adopting a Science-Based Target, the procured offsets align with the Science-Based Targets initiative’s new guidance for supporting carbon removal projects. “Workhuman’s mission to make more human workplaces starts with our own, and a key ingredient in that is ensuring we’re doing all we can to protect our environment,” said “Making the workplace more sustainable requires that a company’s environmental practices, places, and people are building for the future - a healthier planet for all living creatures. We know there’s much more work to be done. But we are fully committed to this journey and are energized to be working with so many like-minded companies. Reducing climate risk takes everyone.” Workhuman has several other internal and external efforts as part of its multi-year sustainability strategy and journey, including: Completing a Materiality Analysis in 2021 to identify key areas to focus on within ESG (environmental, social, and governance). As part of the analysis, Workhuman partnered with Sustainability Roundtable to conduct briefings and confidential surveys with 40 key stakeholders and executives across key business divisions and departments. The resulting independent analysis will be used to guide current and future ESG investment and priorities. Creating a new ERG group – called LiveGreen – focused on advancing and modeling more sustainable practices in Workhuman offices and in the communities around them. For Earth Day 2022, the group is sponsoring clean-ups in Ireland (in Dollymount Strand, Sandmount Strand, and the ParkWest Canal) and in East Boston (through Friends of Boston Harborwalk) and also hosting Catherine Cleary, journalist and environmentalist, to speak to the company about the Circular Economy. Achieving the Ecovadis Silver award. EcoVadis is the world’s largest provider of business sustainability assessments. Its methodology weights criteria for ESG performance across four areas: ethics, environment, sustainable procurement, and labor/human rights. Workhuman’s silver-medal designation places it in the top 25 percent of companies rated. Working with environmentally conscious partners to magnify impact. Through GRS and their Evergrow global climate change challenge, Workhuman has helped fund tree planting around their world. During 2021 and 2022 to date, Workhuman transactions have resulted in The Eden Reforestation Project planting nearly one million new native trees and mangroves in Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal, Kenya, Haiti, and Indonesia. Donating to non-profits and charities that are making a difference in the world’s fight against climate change. Over the past two Earth Days, Workhuman will have donated $10,000 to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with a focus on Climate and Oceans. As the world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in nearly 100 countries. At every level, they collaborate with people around the world to develop and deliver innovative solutions that protect communities, wildlife, and the places in which they live. Recycling laptops and other electronics to non-profits near our offices. These efforts will lessen the impact on the environment while improving the lives of countless others. Groups we have donated electronics to include Science Club for Girls, Future Chefs, Foróige, Camara Education, Catie’s Closet, and Innercity Weightlifting. Building a new symbiotic working model and future sustainable office. As the world starts to return to the office in greater numbers, Workhuman is meeting the needs of its people through increased flexibility to work from home. This results in less commuting, thereby reducing the company’s overall environmental impact. Workhuman is also revamping physical offices in Dublin and Framingham to create even more human workplaces and spaces. The reinvigorated offices will include in-office composting bins, revamped recycling, enhanced fitness and wellness areas, and several biophilic elements in support of human health and mental and physical well-being. About Workhuman Workhuman® is pioneering the human workplace through award-winning Social Recognition® and Continuous Performance Development solutions. Workhuman inspires more than six million humans across 180 countries to perform the best work of their lives. For the past 22 years, human resources and business leaders alike have used Workhuman Cloud® to gain the proactive insights necessary to transform and lead a more connected, human-centered workplace that accelerates engagement and productivity.

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PCG Announces New Employee Support and Engagement Efforts as Pandemic Continues

Public Consulting Group | December 20, 2021

Public Consulting Group (PCG) announced new action and additional measures to support and engage employees as the pandemic continues. This week, the firm provided a $1,000 stipend to each of its nearly 3,000 employees to assist with COVID-related personal, family, or living expenses. This marks the second time PCG has provided financial resources to all employees to offset the impacts of COVID. The stipend is in addition to the traditional Holiday bonus employees receive. Full office openings have also been postponed indefinitely as PCG prioritizes safety and flexibility for its nearly 3,000 employees. Specifically, the firm is using technological resources to identify and support new options to design and sustain a hybrid workplace for its workforce. These options include a desk reservation system that enables employees to decide when and how they physically go into a PCG office to work, and to facilitate social distancing. PCG is taking the celebration of its 35th year in business fully virtual and providing every employee with $35 toward the lunch of their choice during the virtual event. "The safety and well-being of our people is our first priority. The pandemic has created new personal and professional responsibilities for our employees and we have responded with creativity to support our people at home and at work. The past 18 months have tested many long-held assumptions at PCG, and one we now recognize as a fact is that PCG's sense of community and culture of innovation do not rely on the physical presence of our people, they are activated wherever our people are. We will continue to support that. PCG employees work effectively from everywhere, "There's no reason we cannot also come together in celebration from everywhere." -PCG Founder and CEO William Mosakowski Founded in 1986, PCG has grown over 35 years to nearly 3,000 people across the U.S., Canada, and Europe and has galvanized them around a commitment to helping public sector organizations make life better for people. The company marks its 35-year anniversary this month. An in-person celebration had been planned for the event, but the company decided to take the celebration virtual in the wake of a new pandemic strain. Ripplematch recently named PCG among the Next Gen 100 Top Workplaces, featuring companies and organizations that invest in programs, benefits, and culture that promote personal and professional success. In conjunction with the ranking, Ripplematch issued What GenZ Wants, a report on what GenZ values in a workplace. Flexibility is chief among valued benefits. PCG has made significant contributions to combatting COVID-19 as a trusted partner to public health authorities for contact tracing services in several states: New York, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and South Carolina. About Public Consulting Group Public Consulting Group LLC (PCG) is a leading public sector solutions implementation and operations improvement firm that partners with health, education, and human services agencies to improve lives. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, PCG employs over 2,500 professionals worldwide—all committed to delivering solutions that change lives for the better. The firm has extensive experience in all 50 states, clients in six Canadian provinces, and a growing practice in Europe. PCG offers clients a multidisciplinary approach to meet challenges, pursue opportunities, and serve constituents across the public sector.

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Talentcare and Warehowz Announce Partnership to Solve Hiring Challenges for Warehouse and Logistics Clients

Talentcare | May 11, 2022

Talentcare, LLC, the leading platform of solutions to make hiring and retention easy, and Warehowz, an innovative logistics technology company in the "on-demand" warehousing industry, today announced partnership to solve hiring challenges for clients in the warehouse and logistics industry. Beginning today, Talentcare joins the Warehowz marketplace as its preferred provider of recruiting and hiring solutions. According to recent U.S. Labor Market insights from March 2022, it takes an average of 62 days to fill warehouse and logistics roles and only 58% of these open jobs are filled. "Collaborating with Warehowz, we're putting the "ship" in partnership, and delighted to be named a marketplace partner and introduce their clients to innovative solutions that will help them hire their frontline workforces, The struggle is real, and now is the time to get real and compete harder to win hires in the post-COVID labor market," -Eric Smith, CEO of Talentcare. "We work with warehouses and 3PLs every day who are limited in their ability to accept new business, The main factor is lack of available or appropriate personnel. They want to accept new business from us, and they want to be able to provide excellent servicing to our mutual clients. With Talentcare, we can offer them a solution to finding and recruiting the right talent in the right locations. This differentiates us and them in this tight marketplace." -Darrell Jervey, CEO of Warehowz. Talentcare's platform of solutions makes hiring easy, enabling clients to attract more of the right job candidates with recruitment marketing, become the employer of choice with employer branding and reputation management solutions, and more efficiently hire loyal, high-performing employees with applicant tracking and a curated partner ecosystem of talent solutions and integrations. Employers seeking to create a competitive advantage in their recruiting and hiring efforts are invited to connect with us to learn more and request a personalized demonstration. About Talentcare Mid-market companies and entrepreneurs trust Talentcare to ensure their growth and profit are never constrained by talent. Thousands of companies use Talentcare's platform of solutions to make hiring and retention of their frontline workforce easy. As a result, clients attract more of the right job candidates, become the employer of choice, and hire loyal, high-performing employees. About Warehowz Warehowz is an innovative logistics technology company in the "on-demand" warehousing industry, which means we connect businesses that need warehousing space and services with businesses that have capacity. We give your business access to space when you need it, where you need it and give you the ability to dynamically manage that space in a flexible logistics network. Through our cloud-based marketplace we make your storage and fulfillment contracts easy and allow you to choose your partners efficiently.

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Retention. Acquisition. Culture. Business leaders talk about these particular topics when creating and growing their businesses, but why are they so important? It’s been estimated that 66% of employees are not engaged at work (Gallup, 2018). This means wasted time, money and ultimately an organization that cannot thrive. These topics are necessary to create an engaged organization and happy workforce. So, how do you create and, more importantly, measure progress toward creating fully engaged employees?