Workforce Solutions Provider System Acquires One Video Production Company Dreamtek

Dreamtek | January 10, 2022

On January 5th, premier workforce solutions provider System One announced its acquisition of Dreamtek, a global video production company. System One acquired Dreamtek through its division TeamPeople and aims to expand its media offering by providing video production, live and virtual event solutions, and technical production expertise.

Dreamtek offers a wide array of solutions that connect media creatives, production services, multimedia and video engineers with organizations who need full-time professionals or freelance services.

"System One is committed to the expansion of our 5 strategic pillars, Engineering & Technical, Clinical & Scientific, Government & IT, Legal, and Digital Creative. The reputation, expertise, and strength of Dreamtek aligns with our vision of providing critical outsourced services to niche markets.  Dreamtek's strong foundation and highly skilled team will create additional opportunity for our continued growth in the virtual live events space, video production, A/V support, and VR and AR areas.”

- Greg Lignelli, System One COO

"This collaboration expands our portfolio of services to help meet the demands of the virtual shift that has had an impact on creative and business communications. We believe our shared passion for people and innovation will aid in our efforts, making our services more impactful for our clients and audiences."

- Rachel Peters, EVP TeamPeople


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Survey: Digital Workplace Key to Engagement for Frontline Teams

YOOBIC | March 18, 2021

NEW YORK, March. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Frontline workers aren’t being given the digital tools they need to succeed, leading to disengagement and reduced productivity, according to an international survey of frontline workers published today by digital workplace innovator YOOBIC. A smarter and more connected approach, using mobile devices and enterprise-grade apps, could be the key to achieving operational excellence, refocusing frontline employees on core revenue-driving activities, and attracting and retaining young workers. Mobile and deskless workers now make up 80% of the global workforce, totaling over 2.7 billion people, but the majority of digital workplace solutions still focus on supporting deskbound employees. In fact, according to the YOOBIC survey, fewer than six in 10 frontline workers currently use mobile devices as part of their jobs, and 73% of frontline employees are still using paper forms, despite 71% saying that easier access to digital tools would make them more productive. The failure to empower workers with suitable digital tech takes a direct toll on mobile teams’ morale and productivity, the survey shows. More than a third of frontline employees now say they feel disconnected from their HQ, and over three quarters say their sense of engagement would be significantly improved by relatively modest connectivity measures such as mobile access to corporate communications messages. With employees almost five times more likely to perform well when they feel their voices heard, lack of connectivity is a serious problem for today’s deskless workforce, the survey shows. Frontline employees don’t just make, distribute and sell the products we consume — they deliver a brand’s purpose and promise, and create value that differentiates the brand from its competitors. By making those workers more productive, organizations free up their time for impactful work such as helping customers, improving quality, and managing critical projects. The absence of appropriate digital tools directly impacts employees’ career growth, with 40% of frontline employees saying they receive training no more than once per year, even though seven out of 10 employees would welcome access to mobile, app-based learning solutions. That contributes to a sense of stagnation that’s especially trying for younger workers, with over a third of Millennials — who now make up three quarters of frontline workers — saying they feel unfulfilled in their roles. Frontline teams are the engine of our economy, but they’re sorely underserved by organizations that fail to invest in new digital technologies,” says Fabrice Haiat, CEO of YOOBIC. “YOOBIC customers who integrate mobile apps into their deskless employees’ workflows are realizing significant gains in operational excellence, customer experience, and sales.” The YOOBIC survey, conducted in December 2020, interviewed 1,000 frontline workers from the UK, US and Canada, across industries including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and construction. About YOOBIC YOOBIC is an all-in-one digital workplace for frontline teams. Our mobile app gives business leaders and frontline teams the performance tools they need to work, learn and communicate - all in one place. With digitized task management, streamlined communications and mobile learning, YOOBIC drives operational excellence while drastically improving the frontline employee working experience. 200+ global brands including Boots, Burgerfi, Lancome, Lacoste, Logitech, Peloton, Puma, Vans and Sanofi trust YOOBIC solutions to improve operational consistency and agility, get real-time visibility into multi-location business execution, and improve their customer experience. To learn more about YOOBIC visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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Where Did 4 Million Workers Go and What Are They Doing?

Merito Group | January 03, 2022

The Great Resignation era of workers are returning to the workforce but not as originally imagined. "With new priorities and values, Americans are searching for a new job or a new career, which also means becoming an entrepreneur. Companies are shifting their policies to better accommodate hybrid or remote work schedules, as well as bonuses to retain current employees and to hire new ones, Entrepreneurship has always been part of the American spirit. But with so much uncertainty in the past few years, these Covid-preneurs want more control over their future." -Carolyn Thompson, CEO of talent acquisition and consulting services company Merito Group Employers, especially those in strained industries such as transportation and finance, are fighting to keep current employees and compete to grab candidates within the same industry who may have quit another company. The latest report from the Census Bureau's Business Formation Statistics shows that nearly 1.4 million applications have been filed to form new businesses likely to hire employees. Since 2018, new business applications filed per week averaged 67,000, but since June 2021 that number has skyrocketed to 100,000 new business applications per week. Thompson, an entrepreneur herself. About Merito Group: A US-based, certified woman owned company, Merito Group is a talent acquisition consulting firm providing excellence in outsourced solutions. The team of experienced Executive Recruiters has thousands of successful placements under their belt because they take the time to get to know you, your company, division, or department's needs as well as our candidates' personal interests and goals through a thorough in-person interview process. Blending corporate needs with candidates' desires make the right match more attainable for all parties.

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Making Progress on Its Sustainability Journey, Workhuman Announces New Milestones

Workhuman | April 25, 2022

Workhuman®, pioneers of the human workplace, announced key milestones on its global sustainability journey. Workhuman is on a mission to make work more human around the world, and a large part of that is ensuring that the company is making progress toward a more positive impact on the environment. To commemorate Earth Day, the company is sharing more details about its sustainability programs, commitment, and achievements. As an important step in its sustainability journey, Workhuman has achieved carbon neutrality for its global 2021 Scope 1 and 2 emissions, in addition to a portion of its Scope 3 emissions, through verified carbon removal offsets and renewable energy certificates (RECs). The joint procurement was conducted alongside six other global software companies, arranged by Sustainability Roundtable, Inc., a strategic advisory and support service for ESG program assistance, of which Workhuman is a member. “The movement towards a human-centered workplace led by Workhuman is a source of hope, A more sustainable business is one that grows beyond extracting value to create value. This begins with recognizing and promoting our inalienable human and ecological dignity. For this reason, Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. considers it a privilege to assist Workhuman.” -Jim Boyle, CEO & Founder of Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. Workhuman offset all its 2021 Scope 1 emissions in addition to Scope 3 business travel and estimates of employees’ electricity emissions while working from home. Workhuman worked with Natural Capital Partners, the world’s leading experts on carbon neutrality and climate finance, to procure these offsets from the Mississippi Valley Reforestation project, which is certified by American Carbon Registry and aims to reforest one million acres of the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Unlike other carbon offsets that avoid the release of additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this project will remove existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As Workhuman explores the possibility of adopting a Science-Based Target, the procured offsets align with the Science-Based Targets initiative’s new guidance for supporting carbon removal projects. “Workhuman’s mission to make more human workplaces starts with our own, and a key ingredient in that is ensuring we’re doing all we can to protect our environment,” said “Making the workplace more sustainable requires that a company’s environmental practices, places, and people are building for the future - a healthier planet for all living creatures. We know there’s much more work to be done. But we are fully committed to this journey and are energized to be working with so many like-minded companies. Reducing climate risk takes everyone.” Workhuman has several other internal and external efforts as part of its multi-year sustainability strategy and journey, including: Completing a Materiality Analysis in 2021 to identify key areas to focus on within ESG (environmental, social, and governance). As part of the analysis, Workhuman partnered with Sustainability Roundtable to conduct briefings and confidential surveys with 40 key stakeholders and executives across key business divisions and departments. The resulting independent analysis will be used to guide current and future ESG investment and priorities. Creating a new ERG group – called LiveGreen – focused on advancing and modeling more sustainable practices in Workhuman offices and in the communities around them. For Earth Day 2022, the group is sponsoring clean-ups in Ireland (in Dollymount Strand, Sandmount Strand, and the ParkWest Canal) and in East Boston (through Friends of Boston Harborwalk) and also hosting Catherine Cleary, journalist and environmentalist, to speak to the company about the Circular Economy. Achieving the Ecovadis Silver award. EcoVadis is the world’s largest provider of business sustainability assessments. Its methodology weights criteria for ESG performance across four areas: ethics, environment, sustainable procurement, and labor/human rights. Workhuman’s silver-medal designation places it in the top 25 percent of companies rated. Working with environmentally conscious partners to magnify impact. Through GRS and their Evergrow global climate change challenge, Workhuman has helped fund tree planting around their world. During 2021 and 2022 to date, Workhuman transactions have resulted in The Eden Reforestation Project planting nearly one million new native trees and mangroves in Madagascar, Mozambique, Nepal, Kenya, Haiti, and Indonesia. Donating to non-profits and charities that are making a difference in the world’s fight against climate change. Over the past two Earth Days, Workhuman will have donated $10,000 to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with a focus on Climate and Oceans. As the world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in nearly 100 countries. At every level, they collaborate with people around the world to develop and deliver innovative solutions that protect communities, wildlife, and the places in which they live. Recycling laptops and other electronics to non-profits near our offices. These efforts will lessen the impact on the environment while improving the lives of countless others. Groups we have donated electronics to include Science Club for Girls, Future Chefs, Foróige, Camara Education, Catie’s Closet, and Innercity Weightlifting. Building a new symbiotic working model and future sustainable office. As the world starts to return to the office in greater numbers, Workhuman is meeting the needs of its people through increased flexibility to work from home. This results in less commuting, thereby reducing the company’s overall environmental impact. Workhuman is also revamping physical offices in Dublin and Framingham to create even more human workplaces and spaces. The reinvigorated offices will include in-office composting bins, revamped recycling, enhanced fitness and wellness areas, and several biophilic elements in support of human health and mental and physical well-being. About Workhuman Workhuman® is pioneering the human workplace through award-winning Social Recognition® and Continuous Performance Development solutions. Workhuman inspires more than six million humans across 180 countries to perform the best work of their lives. For the past 22 years, human resources and business leaders alike have used Workhuman Cloud® to gain the proactive insights necessary to transform and lead a more connected, human-centered workplace that accelerates engagement and productivity.

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ShiftMed and NAHCA Join Forces to Bring One-Stop Solution to Workforce Crisis

ShiftMed | January 21, 2022

ShiftMed, one of the largest workforce management platforms in health care with over 60,000 credentialed health care professionals, and the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA), the professional association for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), have joined forces to launch the National Institute for CNA Excellence (NICE). NICE is an integrated training platform that includes a learning management system to recruit, train, certify, and retain CNAs. The solution will be immediately available to skilled nursing facilities. With CNA workforce shortages at record levels, and the need for long-term care among older adults on the rise, accessibility to quality education and training are national imperatives. As a virtual platform, NICE is designed to address this crisis by providing both CNAs and skilled nursing providers with recruitment, certification, job placement, continuing education, and ongoing career support all in one place. ShiftMed's network of over 1,500 enterprise health care partners will also help solve the workforce shortage by providing the required on-site, hands-on experience required for certification. Through NICE, CNAs will have access to highly qualified instructors, including post-acute and long-term care physicians, aging services policy leaders, and luminaries on topics that include Alzheimer's disease, person-centered care, infection prevention and control, palliative care, survey and certification, and relevant federal regulations. For its part, ShiftMed will tap its database of health care professionals to provide a purpose-driven career pathway for uncertified personal care aides through NICE. Once prospective CNAs have completed their online education through NICE, they will download the ShiftMed mobile app and be matched with nearby health care employers. "NICE takes successful training programs one step further by going beyond the normal requirements to educate the learner on essential skills such as team-building, conflict resolution, person-directed care, and much more, We have collectively spent more than 100,000 hours with CNAs over the past couple of decades, we know CNAs, and we couldn't be more thrilled to bring empowerment and quality professional training and education to millions of individuals who are looking to care for others in a meaningful way." -Lori Porter, NAHCA CEO and creator of NICE. Initial launch of the partnership will take place in Texas, a state that has been heavily impacted by the Delta and Omicron variants. Senior Living Properties, LLC, a 50-location provider across the state of Texas, has signed on as the initial launch partner of NICE. "In ShiftMed's Annual State of Nursing Report, we found that nearly half of U.S. CNAs, LPNs, and RNs are at least somewhat likely to leave the profession in the next two years, a finding that is incredibly telling of the shortage's impact on nurses. You also have CNAs working with more than fifteen residents per shift and leaders who are working 24/7 to fill in the gaps, By educating, training and empowering CNAs, we will improve access to care and improve quality of care and quality of life while addressing the shortage. We are thrilled that NICE will share in NAHCA's mission to demonstrate professional pride and advocacy for policies and practices that advance CNAs in their careers." -Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed About ShiftMed ShiftMed is a next-generation workforce management platform that connects hospitals, assisted living providers, and skilled nursing facilities to the highest quantity and quality of licensed nurses (CNAs, LPNs and RNs). As the #1 nursing jobs mobile app on the App Store with over 140,000 downloads in the past year, ShiftMed serves more than 1,500 enterprise health care partners across the country by offering software tools and direct access to labor for shift scheduling. The ShiftMed on-demand platform dramatically streamlines the delivery of care services and enables health care providers access to compliant, credentialed workers to fulfill their staffing needs faster than any other solution. For more information, visit About NAHCA The National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) is a professional association of and for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and represents more than 20,000 CNA members across the country. NAHCA elevates the professional standing and performance of health care professionals through recognition, advocacy, education, and empowerment to maximize success and quality care. For more information about NAHCA, please visit their website at About SLP Operations LLC Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, SLP Operations LLC provides health care services, including skilled nursing, long-term care, physical and occupational rehabilitation, speech therapy, Alzheimer's care, wound care management, and respite care. With approximately 2,500 team members, SLP Operations operates centers in San Angelo, Borger, Knox City, Carthage, Centerville, Childress, Coleman, New Braunfels, Pampa, Abilene, Brownwood, Electra, Burkburnett, Johnson City, Mineola, Graham, Hamilton, Haskell, Lubbock, Jacksonville, Waco, Kaufman, Lake Jackson, LaPorte, Lindale, Llano, Flatonia, Giddings, Overton, Palestine, Paris, Temple, Snyder, Sweetwater, Gainesville, Levelland, Orange, Texas City, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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