Improve Employee Engagement and Retention by Proper Talent Planning

November 27, 2017

Improve Employee Engagement and Retention by Proper Talent Planning. What are the global challenges that HR is facing. if you plan on celebrating National Nurse Week to. Don't forget that a well-selected learning management system or talent management platform can have the tools to combat employee turnover.


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The future of HR is digital. Are you ready?

video | August 23, 2021

It’s no secret that data, digitization, and analytics are becoming crucial in HR. But only 18% of HR professionals currently have HR analytics skills. And the skills gap only keeps growing. Are YOU ready for the Future of HR?...

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Meet the 21st century HR Leader

video | January 13, 2016

In the beginning, the role of your HR team was largely functional. It was centered around payroll, leave, policy making and training. Recruitment generally meant putting an ad in the paper and hoping for the best, or hiring a recruiter. Then things changed. Technology and social media happened and as a result, your role as the head of HR began to evolve. The employer brand was born. Recruitment began to change too. Technology opened up a whole new world of talent, it was a game changer. As the head of HR, you now also need to be a communications expert and motivator. Today, the role of HR in an organisation is no longer functional, it is transformational. As your partners at LinkedIn, we are...

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21 HR Tech Trends for 2021

video | August 11, 2021

With worldwide lockdowns, work from home became a reality overnight, putting HR leaders in the spotlight to define business continuity plans. While we know that remote work is here to stay, this “new normal” has thrown open a pandora’s box on issues around employee well-being, reskilling, workplace culture, leadership resiliency, and employee experience. As we look forward to 2021 and ready ourselves for the new workplace, top CHROs, chief people officers, and HR leaders discuss the 21 emerging HR tech trends for 2021....

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Empower HR teams with Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics

video | May 3, 2021

Learn how Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics empowers HR teams and executives with best-practice, prebuilt KPIs to easily monitor HR performance....

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