3 Keys to Aligning HR Concepts with Organization Strategy


As the workforce has grown more complex, so has the general world of Human Capital Management. More demands for services and partnerships are being placed on HR departments across industries. As HR professionals and business partners look to address these needs by designing new programs and launching organizational initiatives, it is important to remember the fundamental building blocks of HR concepts and their ripple effects throughout an organization at every level.
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Horizon’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Maura McKinnon shares how Horizon has been making changes and supporting staff to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Develop a Strong Parental Leave Policy


This live webinar is designed for human resource managers, benefits administrators, controllers, CFOs, presidents, vice presidents, business owners and attorneys.
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Onboarding 101: Your Guide to Successfully Welcoming New Hires

ComplyRight, Inc.

Onboarding goes beyond printing badges and setting up e-mail: It’s welcoming a new employee to your organization. With research showing that a majority of new hires decide how long to stay at a company within their first six months, getting onboarding right is critical, yet many employers still struggle with creating effective and engaging onboarding programs. This webinar will provide valuable insights on how to improve or create onboarding programs that welcome and engage new employees from their very first day.
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Hiring for Growth: 5 Strategies that Work, 5 that Don't


Join Leela Srinivasan, CMO, and Amanda Bell, Director of Recruiting, at Lever as they show you five proven strategies your talent acquisition team can leverage to foster repeatable, scaleable hiring success. Learn how to optimize your interview process to identify and engage potential long-term employees for your organization. Leela and Amanda will discuss how to bring on employees who will fit your culture and grow with your organization.
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7 Keys to Choosing a Performance Management System That Works


Trust. Feedback. Growth. Improvement. Alignment. Companies that want their performance reviews to support these objectives will fail if they’re still hewing to annual performance reviews. It’s not just employees being reviewed having trouble; it’s executives doing the reviews, too. A Wakefield Research study of executives and office professionals, commissioned by Reflektive, discovered a startling fact: Nearly 60% of executives delay and postpone performance reviews due to a lack of time to prepare. That leaves employees hanging in the balance — waiting, wondering, and losing faith.
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