Balancing Compliance and Innovation in Highly Regulated Environments

In a recent survey by Corporate Compliance Insights, 49 percent of respondents said they aren’t paying close attention during their mandatory compliance training. If only half of your employees are attentive to crucial compliance information, your organization is at risk for lawsuits, product recalls, workplace safety violations and lasting reputational damage.
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Risks and Challenges Of Pay Equity: The Real World Approach


Learn the requirements and regulations when identifying equal pay and the best approaches to ensure you stay compliant. Equal pay has long been federal law, and now states are stepping in with additional laws to help ensure equal pay. In addition to being the law, pay equity can impact a company's ability to effectively recruit and retain employees. This material is designed to help human resources and payroll personnel, managers, CFO's, other executives and their legal counsel understand and minimize the risks of pay equity claims, while remaining in compliance with equal pay requirements. Learn how to conduct a pay equity audit, identify when pay disparity is due to legitimate, nondiscriminatory reasons, and how to correct discriminatory pay equity. Learn proactive steps and best practices for managing pay equity to ensure compliance with equal pay requirements.
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The State of HR Automation: Adoption Drivers, and Next Iteration

Most HR organizations spend an inordinate amount of time on manual administrative tasks. In near direct conflict with this reality is the search for ways HR can offer greater strategic contributions to their organizations. In webcast recording, you will learn how HR organizations are automating HR processes as a means to create
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Succession Planning: How to Identify Potential and Nurture Future Leaders

Leaders play a critical role in determining the future of an organization. Understanding your leaders, what they are capable of, their strengths and weaknesses, and what motivates them to be their best is key to making complex decisions about who will lead your business forward.
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Are You Missing These 5 Priorities in Your 2023 Plans?

As companies prepare to turn the corner on 2023, CHROs are stepping up to address the top challenges that current and prospective employees are facing. Attend this session to hear how HR leaders are shaping successful programs to meet their organizations’ hiring and retention needs in the new year – and beyond.
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