How to Build a Powerful Retention Strategy


Do you feel like you’re able to attract highly qualified candidates to your organization, but struggle to keep them around long term? In this historically hot labor market, exceptional candidates don’t have to look very hard to find employers eager to harness and develop their skills. And maintaining their engagement, committing to a strategy of professional development and ultimately securing that talent are higher hurdles to overcome altogether.
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Wir stellen vor: Dr. Thomas Raddatz, Head of Management Development: Effektives Performance Management mit den Grundlagen der Führung erreichen.


Track Labor Market and Competitor Trends to Navigate Economic Headwinds

HR plays a critical role in navigating a challenging economic environment. HR leaders must leverage external labor market intelligence to track market trends, prioritize critical roles, and analyze competitor trends. In this complimentary webinar, Gartner experts will demonstrate how you can use real-time data to respond to four likely scenarios: downsizing, rightsizing, future-proofing, and trailblazing. You’ll have the opportunity to see how the Gartner TalentNeuron platform can help you answer essential workforce questions and understand the talent implications for each likely scenario.
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Nurturing Employee Engagement

Organizations continue to face many challenges post-pandemic, such as retaining their existing workforce while continuing to make strides in organizational effectiveness.
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Why You Need Blended Learning

A quick review of the search volume for "blended learning" shows that thousands of people are entering these keywords every day – some of whom could be your employees. It’s a clear signal that employees want varied development opportunities that are known to increase their job satisfaction and open new doors. Increasingly, many blended learning experiences are digital and virtual.
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How Inclusivity Fuels Employee Engagement


If you want to attract the right fit talent for your team, you have to lead with your values and show potential candidates who you are and what you stand for as an organization. Does your company have a Diversity and Inclusion Group that meets regularly? What about other Employee Resource Groups, or inclusive company policies? Today’s top talent want first hand insight into those aspects of your culture and core values when deciding if a company is a good fit for them, so they can actually envision themselves working there every day—and being successful.
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