Key Legislative Changes That Impact Your 2022 Global Hiring Decisions


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, global business continues to change drastically every year. Now, top companies are switching to remote-first work models and employees want the flexibility to work from anywhere.
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Human resource management is the process of hiring & developing employees to become move valuable to the organization. Learn the five function areas of an effective HRM.


Think Skills Set: How to properly assess skills at interview stage

Michael Page

The moment you come across a standout candidate during a recruitment process, it is not only crucial that you identify their potential, but that you know how to effectively assess them at the interview stage. To achieve this, you need to know the skills needed for the vacancy – and how to check the candidate matches up. This is the subject of our latest free webinar. During the webinar, we will introduce you to our brand new Skills Finder tool, which allows you to check the most in-demand skills for roles across our sectors. We’ll also offer top tips on finding the right talent.
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7 Keys to Choosing a Performance Management System That Works


Trust. Feedback. Growth. Improvement. Alignment. Companies that want their performance reviews to support these objectives will fail if they’re still hewing to annual performance reviews. It’s not just employees being reviewed having trouble; it’s executives doing the reviews, too. A Wakefield Research study of executives and office professionals, commissioned by Reflektive, discovered a startling fact: Nearly 60% of executives delay and postpone performance reviews due to a lack of time to prepare. That leaves employees hanging in the balance — waiting, wondering, and losing faith.
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Maximizing Reach to Drive Open Enrollment Engagement


Pomeroy’s 3,500 employees, many of them embedded at client sites across the US, were hard to reach—and even harder to engage with important benefits information. But shifting to a multi-channel, campaign-based OE communications approach got Pomeroy’s employees to take notice—and take action—while freeing up HR’s time and energy. In this webinar, Janine Bradbury, Director of HR, and Miranda Terrill, HR Associate, at Pomeroy will join Communications Strategist Camille Chang of GuideSpark to walk you through the IT service management company’s journey.
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The Future of Employee Engagement Starts with Augmented Reality

Human Capital Institute

As the technology landscape changes, global workplaces are finding more immersive and enriching ways to share and scale knowledge, augmented reality (AR) technology provides employers with richer and more cost-effective options for on-the-job training, experiential coaching and collaboration. When it comes to AR, content is displayed on top of reality as soon as you put on your headset or hover over it with a mobile device.
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