Key Legislative Changes That Impact Your 2022 Global Hiring Decisions

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, global business continues to change drastically every year. Now, top companies are switching to remote-first work models and employees want the flexibility to work from anywhere.
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The Irresistible Employee Experience: Secrets to Prevailing During the Great Resignation

To remain competitive in an increasingly tight labor market, employers have to demonstrate their commitment to providing an attractive and meaningful employee experience. HR teams are being tasked with designing and implementing transformative changes in the way organizations upskill, reskill, engage and retain talent. In this program, Kathi Enderes from the Josh Bersin Company and Carly Ackerman from will explore how to bring about the culture and process changes needed to build a long-term relationship between the employee and the organization, ushering in a new era of business, people and innovation outcomes.
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Employee Privacy and Workplace Monitoring: Compliance Guide


What can an employer do to ensure compliance with the law, while also managing a productive workplace? Handling employee privacy complaints and conducting surveillance have become complex issues for employers. Learn about traditional privacy complaints, and the new kinds of privacy complaints due to a better-connected workforce and social media. Learn best practices to put in place before complaints are made, and how to proceed when employees allege privacy violations.
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Engagement and reward in uncertain times

With the uncertainty of the current macro-economic climate, HR leaders are having to pivot and mobilise once more to address a new set of challenges. How can employers retain their top talent while driving the productivity and efficiency that the business needs more than ever? This Personnel Today webinar, in association with people success platform Lattice, explores how we can rethink approaches to engagement and reward to achieve these goals while building a resilient culture to support the business into the next phase.
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Redefining the Employee Experience in a Changing World

Human resource teams traditionally are on the front line in defining the member experience. HR representatives often address employees’ questions about benefits, coverage and care options for themselves and their families. But as HR teams have taken on more complex responsibilities e.g., COVID policies, work-from-home, geographically dispersed employees, the war for talent there is less time available to accommodate individual benefits needs and questions. So how do HR teams maintain the empathetic, personal and caring services that employees value and are accustomed to having? What does an excellent member experience look like today and into the future, and how can it be achieved? In this program, Alexis Zygmund, Director of Health and Wellbeing at Barry-Wehmiller’s Corporate People Team, and Cheryl Priddy, Division Vice President, Benefits, Scion Health, discuss with Quantum Health's Chris Reed the impact of independent care coordination and navigation for supporting their employees, organizations, and the future of work.
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