Mind the Gaps: Labor Law Compliance Requirements Employers Often Overlook

Labor law posting compliance gets more challenging every year. What used to be a fairly simple process of hanging notices in the breakroom has morphed into a tangle of confusing requirements. This insightful, fast-paced presentation will shed light on common gaps employers miss, so you’ll have the information you need to be in total compliance.
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The Inclusive Workplace - The Six Stages of a Diversity and Inclusion Prog

GRC Advisory Online

This webinar will cover the six stages of raising awareness, implementing and measuring a successful workplace diversity program : Unmindfulness, Problematic - events occur (or don't occur), Awareness - something needs to change, Solve - what needs to change, Impact - are we experiencing the change we wanted, Mindfulness - being aware of our responsibilities and being accountable is second nature.
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Compliance Matters: How New Laws Are Affecting Your Bottom Line


In addition to federal laws already on the books, many state legislatures have enacted state laws to support employment-related initiatives ranging from paid sick and parental leave rules to payroll taxes, predictive scheduling changes and beyond. This creates new challenges for businesses that must incorporate new rules into their processes to ensure each mandate is accurately reflected in employee paychecks and is trackable in the case of an audit.
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Where to Begin?


In this program, WSA’s Kris Erickson will explain how studying intersectional employee demographics helps uncover employees who have a lower sense of belonging in the workplace. She will present key areas for action and strategies for increasing the sense of belonging.
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Beyond the Job Board: Building an Employee Referral Program to Attract the Highest Quality Candidates


With the economy up, companies are struggling to get enough quality applicants for their open positions, and those that don't are swamped with low-quality and inexperienced candidates if they rely almost exclusively on job boards. But in the search for a quality hire, the data is clear: employee referrals. However, most companies struggle to create an employee referral program that gets results.
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