Mind the Gaps: Labor Law Compliance Requirements Employers Often Overlook

Labor law posting compliance gets more challenging every year. What used to be a fairly simple process of hanging notices in the breakroom has morphed into a tangle of confusing requirements. This insightful, fast-paced presentation will shed light on common gaps employers miss, so you’ll have the information you need to be in total compliance.
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Unlocking the Myth of Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting has become a trending topic in recent months, worrying companies around the globe - and for good reason. According to research from Gallup, around 50 percent of U.S. workers are "quiet quitters," who have allegedly decided to do the bare minimum in their jobs. Skeptics say this is a symptom, not a disease and that workers are not giving maximum effort due to poor management and less than ideal job conditions. As simple as this concept might sound, and regardless of where your workforce falls on the continuum, it’s likely a much more complex phenomenon with a multitude of variables that are not being accounted for.
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Case Studies: Retaining Your Best People During a 'Great Resignation' or 'Big Recession'

These are crazy times to be in HR. For more much of the year, we've worried about employees quitting - quietly or otherwise. Now we must be concerned about the impact of a recession -- with no clear answer on what effect that will have on hiring. Many employers want to hang onto their most valuable workers, even as they brace for an economic downturn. No wonder: New-hire quit rates are at historic highs…matching the 35 percent who will quit nationally in 2022. The number of jobs currently open are at record levels -- 10 million open jobs, and the historically low 3.5 percent unemployment rate hasn't budged, even as the economy slows.
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HR’s 2023 Roadmap for Designing Your Benefits Strategy in a Fluctuating Economy

There are some things you just know will go more smoothly if you have a plan. Traveling with family? Absolutely. Renovating a house? Yup, that too. Benefits strategy? Without a doubt. This program can’t help with family travel or reno disasters, but it will certainly improve your benefits experience. In this session, you’ll learn more about how to create the best benefits roadmap for the coming year: including an easy to use, clear month-by-month guide to walk you through what to expect and what to focus on for success.
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Working Together to Understand and Address Health Equity Across Your Business and Workforce

Understanding your workforce population, the inequities that exist and how your organization can advance health equity has never been more critical. Health inequity is an American crisis. You can and must lead the charge to eliminate health disparities in your workforce and prepare for a future where the majority of the working class represents diverse communities. Ensuring that social, physical and mental well-being is accessible to all your employees and the customers you serve can help you better support your workforce and deliver on the business.
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