Mind the Gaps: Labor Law Compliance Requirements Employers Often Overlook

Labor law posting compliance gets more challenging every year. What used to be a fairly simple process of hanging notices in the breakroom has morphed into a tangle of confusing requirements. This insightful, fast-paced presentation will shed light on common gaps employers miss, so you’ll have the information you need to be in total compliance.
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The importance for companies to be able to react rapidly and pivot their operations at scale in line with shifting market needs was underscored during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Compensation Design Tips to Attract and Motivate Employees


Is it difficult to find and keep high-performing talent? Pay is a necessary element in the work environment but many companies fail to design compensation plans that attract and motivate employees. The end result is that companies often overpay for the amount of employee satisfaction and performance that is delivered. Learn the critical factors that are necessary to obtain the high performing employees to drive business success. We will show you how to align your company's employee value proposition with your pay strategy to maximize worker engagement in their role. Learn how to craft the cutting edge pay program that your company needs to better compete in the marketplace.
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The changing face of HR: How HR’s changing and how to get ahead

Excitement and worry. HR leaders said they feel both about the future, Sage’s new ‘Changing face of HR’ research report reveals. 91% of HR leaders are excited about the future of HR, and 57% say they love working in HR. However, the last few years have come at huge personal cost to HR leaders. 81% admit to being burnt out, and over half (62%) are considering leaving the profession.
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Getting Ahead of the Recruiting Curve

Acacia HR Solutions

This topic is one I did a three-hour workshop in IL around and have shared at several HR groups in the last few years. For this webinar, I will be adapting it to small businesses. That certainly doesn’t mean that larger organizations won’t find value, but it’s important that we build our training for limited budgets and resources which plague small businesses. Further, anyone in a startup environment will find invaluable tips for building a recruiting strategy from the start. The tips in this webinar will set them on the right path for years to come.
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How People Science can Empower Your Organization

In the world of HR, the term “people science” is often talked about as a tool for leveraging data to make decisions, yet many HR leaders are still trying to grasp what it means, and how they can use it to attract and retain the right people.
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