Nurturing Employee Engagement

Organizations continue to face many challenges post-pandemic, such as retaining their existing workforce while continuing to make strides in organizational effectiveness.
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Innovations in Employee Communications for Open Enrollment


With another open-enrollment season quickly approaching, are benefit managers really "walking the walk" when it comes to enrollment communications for your employees? In a world where people rely on mobile devices for just about everything, what if you could make benefit enrollment communications so easy that your employees could enroll from their bike or backyard? The use of mobile and digital media, including everything from mp4 videos to chatbots, is a hot trend that helps employers meet employees where they are: on the go.
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Top Regulatory Issues Facing Businesses in 2023

Is your business ready to solve regulatory challenges in 2023? As you begin to navigate a new year of changing laws and regulations, it’s important to know which may have the greatest effect on you and your employees so you can take appropriate action.
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Setting Up a Human-Centered Onboarding Experience

With the acceptance of hybrid and remote work options, the need to design a human-centered onboarding experience has never been more important. A great onboarding experience can improve retention by 82%, yet 88% of organizations fail to onboard their employees well. What does a human-centered onboarding experience look like…virtually? Limeade will unpack methods on how to design a human-centered onboarding experience that makes employees feel welcomed, supported, and set up for success.
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What is HR Analytics, and how can it impact your business now?

HR.COM Limited

Are employee retention, diversity hiring strategies, and competitive job markets keeping you and your CEO up at night? Not sure where to begin on your people analytics journey? Across businesses of all sizes, HR professionals are adopting an increasingly strategic role within their organization, driving data-driven decision making about their workforce through people analytics. To be a successful HR professional in a truly digital world, you need to understand what people analytics are, how they’re helping solve crucial business problems, and why HR needs to take a more strategic role in growing business.
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