Putting the Human Back in HR: How to Create a Positive Offboarding Experience

The offboarding process is an essential part of the employee lifecycle. As we gradually return to a more typical day-to-day post-pandemic, the workplace experience is also reconstituting, and there is an opportunity to simultaneously streamline the offboarding process through automation, but more importantly, make the experience more human.
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The Antidote to Hiring Freezes: Grow Your People and Hire from Within

As many organizations slow or pause hiring, HR leaders must focus on growing, reskilling and retaining their top talent to overcome economic uncertainties. Fortunately, today’s employees are just as eager to grow in their careers and yearn for more development opportunities.
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HR Roundtable: How to Grow Your Managers at Scale


Gallup has found that our most crucial decision to make as talent leaders is who we recruit, or promote, into manager roles. But here’s the problem – we fail to choose the right candidates 82% of the time. So how can we set up our managers for success in their roles? Join Blueboard, Reflektive and a group of HR leaders (from Wheelhouse, LiveRamp, OnDeck, and Prezi) for a roundtable discussion around the impact that positive manager-to-employee relationships can have on your engagement scores.
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The Heart of Workplace Wellness: Five Ways to Optimize Employee Well-Being

Heart disease carries an annual workplace cost of $138 billion. Learn how you can support heart health and employee well-being through workplace policies and practices. This webcast will address: Bottom-line benefits of workplace wellness Moving more at work Encouraging healthy eating Stress reduction and coping with pressure Making wellness continue to work
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How to Build an Employee Listening Strategy

Are you struggling to understand what exactly your team wants or needs? You’re definitely not alone. HR strategy is constantly evolving, including how we get feedback from employees and keep a pulse on our organizations. But unfortunately, most of the advice and guidance for HR has struggled to keep up. In this program, LeAnne Lagasse will talk about all things employee listening. Gone are the days of simply conducting an annual employee survey and calling it a day. Today it’s all about an integrated, strategic approach to employee listening that’s woven throughout the entire employee experience.
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