Putting the Human Back in HR: How to Create a Positive Offboarding Experience

The offboarding process is an essential part of the employee lifecycle. As we gradually return to a more typical day-to-day post-pandemic, the workplace experience is also reconstituting, and there is an opportunity to simultaneously streamline the offboarding process through automation, but more importantly, make the experience more human.
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Impact of NLRA on Nonunion Employers


Employees have the right under the National Labor Relations Act to form together for their mutual aid and protection and to engage in concerted activity to better their working conditions or protest those conditions. Although these actions usually occur in a union setting, nonunion employees also enjoy these protections and rights. Additionally, although nonunion employers are not bound to or confined by a collective bargaining agreement, the implementation of certain employer policies may unintentionally (or otherwise) impact adversely upon the exercise of these federally protected rights. This topic will educate nonunion employers as to their obligations to their employees, what they can and cannot prohibit, how to be aware of when union organizers are making an effort to bring a union in and how to deal with that contingency.
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Is Public Sector Performance Management due an appraisal?

Clear Review

The pressure on public sector organisations to produce more with less has never been so intense. In this climate, HR and Talent functions are often the first to feel the impact. How can we get the most from our people? How do we ensure that our workforce is engaged? The stakes are high, but so are the rewards. So let’s take a look at the legacy of performance management and get into the hard questions. Is what we’re doing meaningful? Accountable? Productive? And is the archaic annual appraisal really the best way to improve performance?
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Reduce Turnover and Engage Employees


Organizations with strong learning, talent, and workforce management processes drive business results, according to findings gathered from Skillsoft and SumTotal's customers and data on 45 million employees. They feature higher revenues, greater employee engagement, reduced staff turnover, higher customer retention... and the list goes on. Maturing your learning, talent, and workforce strategy is a business imperative.
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The Increasing Impact of Leaders on Organizational Culture and Health

The greatest assets an organization has in shaping a healthy and productive culture are the leaders who influence the sentiment and day-to-day experiences of employees. In fact, the impact and influence of leaders has increased to record levels through the last year. Effective leaders who can support employees through new ways of working, hold the capacity, and know-how to engage and equip talent are no longer a “nice-to-have” they are necessary — and it is these abilities that differentiate great leaders from the rest.
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