The Employer's Guide to H-1B Cap Season

Employers that sponsor foreign talent are approaching an important time of year: H-1B cap season. Any human resources professional tasked with immigration understands the importance of staying informed, and this year is no exception.
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Lead the Retention Revolution and Turn Back the Tide on the Great Resignation

Finding and retaining talent are two of the greatest challenges facing employers today. Constant turnover drains resources and slows growth. It’s no longer enough to hire new employees and expect them to find their own way in the workplace. Instead, organizations must undergo a paradigm shift in the way they think about candidate and employee experience. This program highlights four key areas to consider, including: Strategies to improve the virtual hiring experience The importance of onboarding programs and how a successful process can help ensure your new hire stays with your organization The challenges with remote / hybrid work and how to ensure your employees are engaged Steps you can take to help build an inclusive and diverse workplace, so all employees feel welcome You will also learn strategies to help you turn insights into action and transform the way you find and retain workers in this ever-changing talent landscape.
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Ethical Issues in Employment Law


The employment relationship is a symbiotic relationship between company and employee with each side needing something from the other beyond financial benefit. Employees and companies expect mutual honesty, candor, respect and caring in the employment relationship. The failure to promote such ethical principals in the workplace can lead to disengagement, poor productivity, distrust of management, poor retention of good employees, and ultimately hinder the financial performance of the company or subject the company to increased reputational risk. This topic helps management understand, prepare for, and avoid the potential ethical pitfalls that arise in the employment relationship. The material also explains pitfalls related to legal representation in employment matters, whether from an in-house or outside counsel perspective. The discussion will focus on identifying situations where ethical concerns typically arise and how to manage those situations.
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The Best Sourcing Strategies for Talent Discovery


Whether you have a basic understanding of Talent Discovery or are completely new to the platform, this webinar is for you. Led by CareerBuilder’s talent acquisition experts, “The Best Sourcing Strategies for Talent Discovery” will help give you the tools you need to master the science of sourcing through TDP and find qualified candidates even faster.
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Engagement and reward in uncertain times

With the uncertainty of the current macro-economic climate, HR leaders are having to pivot and mobilise once more to address a new set of challenges. How can employers retain their top talent while driving the productivity and efficiency that the business needs more than ever? This Personnel Today webinar, in association with people success platform Lattice, explores how we can rethink approaches to engagement and reward to achieve these goals while building a resilient culture to support the business into the next phase.
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