Webinar: Emerging Trends in HR

In this webinar, we discuss where the HR industry is headed with technology and navigating new challenges for a modern workforce.
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Why Employee Development Should Be HR's Top Priority

It’s critical for organizations to take a thoughtful and strategic approach to employee development, but traditional approaches to development take a great deal of time and individualized support. Employees are typically expected to squeeze time into their day-to-day or outside of work hours to drive their own development and managers often don’t have the bandwidth or resources to provide support. Left to their own devices, employees can easily get stuck or focus on skills that are out of sync with the company’s long-term goals.
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Rethinking Talent Management


For most CEOs, talent remains at or near the top of their priority list, and yet lack of talent remains a major obstacle in achieving organisational goals. While a lot of effort is spent tackling these challenges, our CRF survey indicated a lack of satisfaction with the outcomes of talent management practices. Where are organisations going wrong.
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The Gartner 2023 Leadership Vision for CHROs (APAC)

Amid economic uncertainties and cost pressure, and with talent both scarce and expensive, chief human resources officers (CHROs) must understand how the trends impacting the workforce and broader organisation will shape their priorities in 2023 and beyond. In this climate, CHROs must continually adjust to new workplace trends, reset business priorities, and develop as leaders.
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2023 Hiring Tips to Transform Your Talent Strategy

The Great Reshuffle continues to create a competitive hiring market that is expected to carry on into 2023 with 65% of employees on the hunt for new opportunities. In this session, you'll receive top tips to help you transform your talent strategy with an approach that stands out from the competition.
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