What’s New in 2022: Understanding Workplace Compliance Trends


2022 brings a new year with new goals, new employees and new questions around established compliance laws. If you’re unsure what the answers are, it may be time to brush up on this new compliance trend and others before the clock strikes midnight.
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For the past three years, Deloitte and the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative (BJKLI) have collaborated to conduct targeted research that helps educate and advance how organizations foster inclusion as the workforce continues to evolve.


Is Public Sector Performance Management due an appraisal?

Clear Review

The pressure on public sector organisations to produce more with less has never been so intense. In this climate, HR and Talent functions are often the first to feel the impact. How can we get the most from our people? How do we ensure that our workforce is engaged? The stakes are high, but so are the rewards. So let’s take a look at the legacy of performance management and get into the hard questions. Is what we’re doing meaningful? Accountable? Productive? And is the archaic annual appraisal really the best way to improve performance?
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Data-Driven Strategies For HR: How Modern Analytics Empowers HR Leaders

The pandemic has taught us that when labor markets tighten and the needs of workers change, people analytics can be a game-changer. Join Tom Ricks, Qlik Senior Director, Culture and Talent, as he shares how his organization uses analytics to navigate and even flourish during these unprecedented times. You will get a new perspective on: How HR leaders can use data and analytics to enable engagement, predict trends and manage their workforce more efficiently. How a modern HR analytics approach provides real-time access to data for insights that compel action. The future role of HR leaders as we move to a post-pandemic work environment.
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Turning Employee Experience into a Financial Strategy


Learn about how and why corporate managers and HR professionals continue to struggle to quantify the value of investment in employees — and how this lack of clarity can cause an unintentional misallocation of human capital investments. In this program, John Frehse, senior managing director at Ankura, will explore the key areas that help prove that employee experience is a financial strategy.
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Noncompetition Agreements for HR and Business Leaders: Protecting the Company's Business Resources


Protect your company from losing employees to competitors by enforcing a compliant noncompete policy that adheres to your state's laws. Noncompete agreements are getting more attention than ever, in state legislatures, courts, and mainstream media. What does this mean for your company? In most states, noncompetes remain the most effective way to protect your company's resources against the actions of departing employees trying to jump-start their career moves by cashing in on their former employer's investment in relationships and information. Effectively using noncompetes requires knowledge of your and other states' laws, and good decisions both in the design and enforcement of the noncompetes. This topic will give you the tools to start effectively using noncompetes or, if you already are, to improve your company's program.
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