Best Practices for Millennial Hiring

Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce. It’s no surprise, then, that employers have had to adapt the hiring process in order to attract great millennial candidates. In this webinar hosted by Spark Hire, we heard from three hiring experts, including Criteria’s own Amyra Rand, about their best practices for hiring millennials. The panel webinar explored everything from the perks and benefits that appeal most to millennial candidates, to the recruiting techniques they’ve found to be ineffective. They also discussed just how different (or similar) they thought millennial candidates actually were when compared to past generations.
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Scaling L&D with a Flexible Approach

Join Open LMS to discuss the hidden costs of quick-fix L&D solutions and why you should strategize for the longer term. Explore how to scale your training programs, engage learners, and maximize the return of your L&D investment with a highly flexible and interoperable eLearning approach.
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Workers' Compensation Benefits: Who is Eligible, How are They Calculated, When and How Can They be Settled


Gain a solid overview and understanding on Worker's Compensation Benefits. New representatives of human resource and claim departments will not know how to recognize fundamental issues in workers' compensation, such as what workers are covered and how are compensation benefits computed. In addition, even experienced representatives may need refreshers on these issues, such as whether new worker models, such as gig workers, interns, and contract labor are recognized for coverage in workers' compensation systems.
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The Heart of Workplace Wellness: Five Ways to Optimize Employee Well-Being

Heart disease carries an annual workplace cost of $138 billion. Learn how you can support heart health and employee well-being through workplace policies and practices. This webcast will address: Bottom-line benefits of workplace wellness Moving more at work Encouraging healthy eating Stress reduction and coping with pressure Making wellness continue to work
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How HR Can Fight the Forces of Disengagement

The Predictive Index

HR is constantly batting four forces of disengagement: Job fit, manager, organization, and people. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for solving workplace disengagement. The best approach depends on your organization's culture and the personality of your workers. In this program, The Predictive Index's CEO, Mike Zani discusses how to look at engagement and performance in a way that will lead your team to become a winning one. Learn how to find and work with the cultural champions, grinders, contaminators, and silent killers in your company.
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