Best Practices for Millennial Hiring

Criteria Corp

Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce. It’s no surprise, then, that employers have had to adapt the hiring process in order to attract great millennial candidates. In this webinar hosted by Spark Hire, we heard from three hiring experts, including Criteria’s own Amyra Rand, about their best practices for hiring millennials. The panel webinar explored everything from the perks and benefits that appeal most to millennial candidates, to the recruiting techniques they’ve found to be ineffective. They also discussed just how different (or similar) they thought millennial candidates actually were when compared to past generations.
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Learn how Lattice helps your teams drive optimized performance by helping you identify top performers and equip every person to succeed with their work.


Why Marketing Should Become a Core Part of Your Recruitment Strategy

By now, you’ve heard of recruitment marketing. “Post and Pray” is now a thing of the past when it comes to recruiting. Recruitment Marketing is how you become proactive, stay competitive, in control of your brand, build a talent network, and attract close candidates faster. What you will learn: Why HR should care about marketing. How to align marketing with recruiting to increase candidate attraction. How passive candidate engagement leads to fill jobs more quickly. Candidate Engagement Best Practices.
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One-HR employment law review


In Personnel Today’s new One-HR webinar format, Kevin Charles, consulting barrister at Crossland Employment Solicitors, scrutinises the latest developments in employment law keeping HR professionals abreast of the most important legal cases and risks. Hosted by Personnel Today editor Rob Moss, this webinar will look primarily at case law, around a diverse range of employment topics. Uber, Pimlico Plumbers, Deliveroo there’s been numerous challenges in the courts around employment status and the gig economy, but where do employers currently stand when engaging with contractors and at what point should people be treated as workers.
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How to Build and Scale a Fully Remote Onboarding Process That Actually Works


The growth and expansion of remote work highlights the importance of your organization having effective processes for remote onboarding. To attract and retain top talent, you need an effective and scalable onboarding process you can manage from anywhere.
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Designing The Ideal Employee Experience


Based on extensive research and interviews with successful HR teams, we’ve mapped the ideal employee experience path an entire journey that starts before a new hire’s first day. Register for this session to learn how you can create an experience that not only drives engagement but ultimately encourages employees to become evangelists for your company.
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