Employer Brand Videos: Attracting the Best Talent Globally


A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words,” according to Forrester Research's Dr. James McQuivey. To communicate effectively to your employees across the locations, even across the world, and on any device, there is no better way to than showing a video. From improving candidate experience, effectively communicating job opportunities, letting someone know he or she is hired, onboarding, training, benefits, etc…there is no better way to communicate consistently, clearly and with your company’s branding than to leverage digital video technology to tell your unique story.
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VoiceXP demo of how Alexa can help employees obtain human resources policies and information normally on the intranet or handbook faster and easier by using voice.


Webinar: Workflow Automation for HR/Human Capital

Business Systems & Consultants, Inc.

This webinar covers topics related to automating the workflow process for your Human Resources on-boarding process for K-12 institutions. Time is gold, and while it’s a cliché you probably hope to never hear again, it’s the truth. Time saved is gold saved, and that is perhaps one of the foremost benefits of workflow automation. This webinar served as a quick guide on how workflow automation can work for you school, as well as spell out the benefits of implementing this workflow solution.
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Nursing Mothers in the Workplace: Requirements and Regulations


This live webinar is designed for human resource managers, benefits and payroll professionals, business owners and managers, controllers, CFOs, presidents, vice presidents and attorneys.
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Human resources from the trenches


Managing all the rules and regulations related to employees and payroll can be overwhelming. This is further complicated with the challenge of managing employees on multiple and sometimes widespread job sites.
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HR Tech: Making Customisations work through Configurations


Implementing HR Technology for your organization is never without hurdles. One of the main challenges is having existing policies and procedures built into your new HR automation system. How much customization is needed? What are the various ways to achieve smooth transition into a new way of operating?
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