Everything You Need to Know: Using AI in Recruitment Marketing

Learn how to transform your recruiting strategies with AI powered recruiting to attract and engage the talent you need. For anyone with serious questions about how best to harness AI in recruiting, this webinar is for you.
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How to build an agile workforce for scale and demand

Employers today are dealing with more than just a tight talent market, increased turnover and rising wages; the world of work has permanently changed —and so have candidate expectations. The demand for total talent has become more dynamic, and employers are leveraging seasonal and project-based hiring to reduce the time to mobilise internal and external workforces. Reviewing candidate experience through high-optimised talent acquisition technology, and the role of digital personas in the ongoing engagement of your workforce.
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Talent Retention Through Learning


In today's job market, retaining key talent is more important than ever. Learning is an integral part of the employee lifecycle from hire to retire and providing growth opportunities to your workforce throughout this cycle increases overall retention. Come learn about how injecting learning into recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing skill and career development will increase your overall retention numbers.
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7 Keys to Choosing a Performance Management System That Works


Trust. Feedback. Growth. Improvement. Alignment. Companies that want their performance reviews to support these objectives will fail if they’re still hewing to annual performance reviews. It’s not just employees being reviewed having trouble; it’s executives doing the reviews, too. A Wakefield Research study of executives and office professionals, commissioned by Reflektive, discovered a startling fact: Nearly 60% of executives delay and postpone performance reviews due to a lack of time to prepare. That leaves employees hanging in the balance — waiting, wondering, and losing faith.
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Nurturing Employee Engagement

Organizations continue to face many challenges post-pandemic, such as retaining their existing workforce while continuing to make strides in organizational effectiveness.
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