When it comes to hiring, every candidate should be treated with the same level of respect and consideration, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Unfortunately, that is oftentimes not the case and a bias while hiring is evident.
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Building the Leaders of Tomorrow: Key Elements of Effective Leadership Development Programs

This presentation will define critical constructs essential to building successful leaders. Attendees will learn about the latest research on leadership development and gain practical insights into designing, implementing and measuring the effectiveness of leadership programs. Various topics covered include mindsets for today's leadeleadershiprs, selecting training methodologies and actionable tips for creating a development program with measurable impact. Whether you are a business line leader or an HR professional, this presentation will provide a valuable guidance for developing the next generation of successful leaders at your organization.
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Identity Theft: Data Security for Employers


All employers face an ever-growing number of challenges with data security and privacy. Personnel records contain sensitive information about your employees. CRM software stores confidential information about your customers. Business deals are formed and carried out via email. To protect themselves and comply with legal obligations, employers need to secure their data while at the same time respecting the privacy rights of their employees. When the bad guys often seem one step ahead, finding the right balance can be hard.
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Seasonal Hiring Trends: What to Expect During Economic Shifts

Summer has come to a close and, just like that, seasonal hiring is here! Rising economic pressures - such as high labor demand and rising costs - have pushed the season earlier and could make seasonal hiring more difficult than previous years. Understanding the impact of economic factors in hiring is more important than ever, and Appcast is here to help. How can you plan an efficient seasonal hiring strategy that considers macroeconomic factors? Watch the webinar recording to hear Andrew Flowers, Appcast’s Labor Economist, explain the intricacies of this year’s seasonal hiring cycle.
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Text Message Recruiting Best Practices


Determine if text message recruiting is the right fit for your candidates. Text messaging can be a valuable tool to work with candidates, particularly millennials - because they grew up text messaging family and friends. Setting interviews and conversations are much easier using texting. However, text messaging is not Staples' Easy Button for the balance of the Recruiting Process. A particular concern is the desire of the candidate to only use text messaging to communicate.
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