How to improve employee engagement using Workforce Analytics

This webinar will challenge the commonly held view that analytics are mainly an IT function. Contrary to popular belief, analytics are an important toolset that lends itself to strategic management, improving operations and performance. Furthermore, it can be used to engage staff, promote better work practices, and help us understand how we work. But how? This is what this webinar hopes to uncover; how Workforce Analytics can help us to manage our people better and make more informed decisions. But that doesn’t mean analytics will render human judgement obsolete rather, it’s a function to support and enhance it.
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Integrity HR will show you how to make Human Resources in your organization productive, professional and efficient so you get measured results and alignment with your business strategy.



Cielo Talent

The global demand for top talent has made quality candidates even rarer than before. In response, organizations have increased their focus on talent acquisition strategies to ensure they win their unfair share of talent. See how Cielo clients have reimagined their talent acquisition functions through RPO partnerships to drive the results their C-suite demanded.

Webinar: The Consumerisation of Talent A Roadmap to Employee Engagement and Retention Strategies

HRD Connect

The HRD Connect provides an ideal platform for the most senior HR thinkers and practitioners to come together to innovate, debate, share experiences, network, benchmark with their peers and meet best in class solution providers.

4 Strategies to Enhance Your Talent Selection Process

Screening and interviewing candidates in today’s competitive market is tricky business. Assessing hard skills is difficult enough, but add to that the nuance of what it takes to succeed in each role, in your organization, in your market, with that manager… and it’s a whole new ballgame. In this webinar, we will discuss strategies for you can use to enhance your talent selection and how you can more easily identify the best candidate for every role in your organization.

HR Options 401k Plan review & Education

HR Option Inc

HR Options 401(k) plan is a fantastic tool to help HRO employees save for retirement. This webcast will review why you should save for retirement, how your plan works, the investment vehicles, and the website and services available with our 401(k) plan.