HRTech: Recruiting vs. Talent Acquisition - The rising of AI


This webinar will demonstrate how to avoid common startup hiring mistakes within organizational talent and recruiting strategies. Jerry will focus on how AI is facilitating #HRTech in talent acquisition and participants will learn what the key recruitment models that can be utilized.
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This is what we do at engage4more! Unusual mix of events, content and technology solutions, creating a powerful proposition of employee engagement solutions of unparalleled kind!


Webinar - Team-Based Performance


Get the information you need to improve your HR knowledge, without leaving the office, from HRMAC webinars. As a Centenial year benefit, registration for each webinar program is complimentary for the first 50 HRMAC members who register. The HRMAC member rate has also been lowered to $25 after the first 50 complimentary registrations and the Non-Member rate is $75.
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How to Empower Employees to DIY Conflict Resolution


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could empower employees to solve workplace conflict before it becomes a corporate problem and shows up in your inbox? In this on-demand webinar, we explore conflict through the perspective of boundary violations. Whether it’s someone’s strong perfume, loud conversations, or ownership of tasks, participants will have a new perspective for analyzing conflict and empowering employees.
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5 Trends That Will Drive Performance Management in 2019


Every organization needs to know the best ways to be competitive in today’s talent market. How can you apply the latest performance management trends to motivate and spark employee performance? Meghan M. Biro walks us through five key trends we can expect in performance management in 2019.
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How To Excel As A One-Person HR Department.

Who leaps buildings in a single bound? Who is doing it all without getting the respect shown to many? The lone person in the one-stop HR department - that's who. A one-person HR shop is all things to all employees and managers, so they need to know a lot about a lot and they also need to know when to stop and seek advice. Natalie Ivey is President and CEO of Results Performance Consulting, Inc., a firm specializing in leadership and employee development training and continuing education programs for the HR profession. Ms. Ivey is an author and a national public speaker with more than two decades of leadership and HR management experience with Fortune 500 organizations. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and holds the Senior Professional in Human Resources certification (SPHR). Ms. Ivey is a nationally-known speaker on a variety of topics within the HR profession and is known for her "tell-it-like-it-is", direct approach to teaching HR education.
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