Investigating Complaints That Are Entangled With Performance Issues

Gain an understanding of the various types of complaints made by employees and different techniques on how to conduct investigations. It can be extremely difficult to determine why an employee made a complaint to a supervisor or human resources. This can be even more of a challenge when the complaining employee has a track record of poor performance. Was the employee motivated to complain so that he has leverage to negotiate a more favorable exit package?
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Recruiting in a Time of Soaring Inflation: Tips to Survive the Current Market

Businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom are grappling with a cost of living crisis spurred by high energy costs. A possible recession threatens to dramatically reduce standards of living. How can recruiters attract talented workers when those workers are facing bleak economic prospects? Unfortunately, the cost of living crisis in the UK shows no sign of slowing; the inflation rate may reach 18% before price pressures ease. Consumers and businesses alike face a troubling winter ahead as they battle the fallout of an energy crisis. These challenges are primed to complicate recruiting further – and make managing costs more important than ever. Watch the webinar during which Andrew Flowers, Appcast Labour Economist, will discuss the impacts on recruiting from energy costs and soaring inflation. A breakdown of the latest data will help recruiters prepare for the ongoing challenges in the UK economy.
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The Future of Rewards and Recognition

For some, 2023 can feel a little daunting. How can employers reimagine their rewards and recognition programs to more holistically support their workforce, while also achieving their organizational goals? In this program, Sionelle Beller and Chad Hamilton look into industry trends from 2022 and provide recommendations for success in 2023.
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Trends Forecast for HR Professionals


When you think of human resources, you can no longer just think about the personnel office or employee relations. HR goes well beyond that in today's environment. HR in the workplace must step up and transform into something much different to meet the demands of the future. In order for an organization to remain competitive in this workforce environment, HR will have to rethink, reinvent and reposition itself in the organization. HR must become a strategic partner at the corporate table.
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Unlocking the Myth of Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting has become a trending topic in recent months, worrying companies around the globe - and for good reason. According to research from Gallup, around 50 percent of U.S. workers are "quiet quitters," who have allegedly decided to do the bare minimum in their jobs. Skeptics say this is a symptom, not a disease and that workers are not giving maximum effort due to poor management and less than ideal job conditions. As simple as this concept might sound, and regardless of where your workforce falls on the continuum, it’s likely a much more complex phenomenon with a multitude of variables that are not being accounted for.
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