Jeopardizing Exempt Status

This live webinar is designed for human resource managers, payroll professionals, bookkeepers, benefits administrators, personnel managers, business owners and managers, controllers, CFOs and attorneys.
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CAMPUS-CHANNEL is the first online dating site between schools / universities and students on the internet. CAMPUS-CHANNEL is a response to needs: Students looking for training who are waiting: - Direct interaction with trainers


3 Steps to Driving Recruiting with Employee Engagement


Employee referrals delivered more than 30% of all hires and 45% of internal hires. Those referrals directly impact your business: New hires found via referral produce 25% more profit than hires sourced through other channels. So, how do you build a strong referral recruitment machine? Fostering a healthy company culture and high employee engagement is a good place to begin. To show you how, CultureIQ strategist Mila Singh connected with Teamable’s Director of Marketing Daniil Karp and Lyft’s Diversity Recruiting PM Lead Adrianna De Battista for an hour-long webinar.

Complying with Texas Wage and Hour Laws


This live webinar is designed for human resource and payroll professionals, business owners and managers, presidents, vice presidents, CFOs, controllers, accountants, personnel managers, benefits professionals, and bookkeepers.

HR 101 for Front Line Managers and New Supervisors.

Aurora Training Advantage

Training your managers in the basics of management principles and HR is the most cost effective and easiest way to head off employee relations problems and legal challenges. In an increasingly complicated world of employee compliance in which HR struggles just to keep abreast of new developments not teaching managers the basics can be costly. After all it’s the managers who interact with employees on a day to day basis and every day is an opportunity for problems to arise that a manger was never trained how to address. Knowing what to do in increasingly complicated employee situations can be difficult for even seasoned managers, especially if a manager has never had training. For a new manager these problems are intensified. Further exacerbating the problem is that managers often inherit a dysfunctional department and/or are promoted to supervise those with whom they once were coworkers.

Webinar: Missing Link In Your Employee Engagement Strategy


Recording from an 11/9 webinar with Dr. Laura Hamill from Limeade and Dan Harris from Quantum Workplace. This webinar webinar breaks down the research from our latest report and shows you: How well-being and engagement are related and The missing link of organizational support and Where employees find support and The critical role of managers in driving engagement and Insights on how to be a best place to work.