Talent Retention Through Learning

In today's job market, retaining key talent is more important than ever. Learning is an integral part of the employee lifecycle from hire to retire and providing growth opportunities to your workforce throughout this cycle increases overall retention. Come learn about how injecting learning into recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing skill and career development will increase your overall retention numbers.
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Evidence-Backed Ways to Strengthen Your Culture Based on Your Unique Company Type

What impact do hiring and turnover have on the employee experience, and how do they affect company culture? In this session, you will hear findings from a Culture Amp analysis of over 1.8 million employees from nearly 2,500 companies.
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How to keep your people motivated during COVID-19

Lane 4 Management Group

For many leaders, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic started with a lot of crisis work: moving teams to virtual, following short-term project plans, and managing the impact of furlough on their staff. But while these first hurdles have been crossed, leaders are starting to experience a drop in people's motivation at work and in furlough, which can have a marked impact on long-term business performance. In this webinar with Managing Director, Adrian Moorhouse, and Consultant Delivery Director, Paul Jewitt-Harris, we will explored: How people's motivation has been affected differently during COVID-19 What motivation is and how leaders can influence it Top tips and strategies for maintaining motivation in your people at work and in furlough
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How to Successfully Set Goals and OKRs During Onboarding

The first days and weeks a new hire spends at your company set the tone for their entire experience with your organization. Research from BambooHR likewise found that 89 percent of employees with a highly effective onboarding process subsequently report feeling very engaged in their work. Part of creating a great onboarding process includes working with new employees to establish goals and objective key results (OKRs) that set them up for success from the start.
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Employment and Arbitration Agreements


Gain a better understanding of the specific restrictions and regulations that can protect your company if a wrongful termination occurs. With the explosion of employment litigation, in particular, wage and hour lawsuits, many employers are turning to arbitration agreements as a strategy to keep defense costs down and avoid class actions. But as more and more companies make mandatory arbitration a condition of employment, the controversy surrounding the legality of such agreements escalates. Likewise, may employers are using covenants not to compete and confidentiality agreements to protect their trade secrets and confidential information.
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